Chapter 17


I should’ve realized something was wrong when that afternoon Sylvia’s driver wasn’t waiting at the pick-up area.

Half an hour I stood there watching as students piled into cars worth more than the houses in my old pack. When I heard the curly-haired football player Kota mention something about a half a million-dollar sports car to a couple of his buddies, I nearly toppled over.

Only when the students and staff dwindled into nothingness and the middle-aged crossing guard began to flash me glances of sympathy, I decided walking might be my only option.

“Did your ride ditch you or something?” A disgruntled but very much feminine voice asked. When I turned around and saw that the owner of that voice belonged to Olive Chen, I wasn’t sure how to reply. Her slender lips, which were painted a deep shade of plum, twisted into a sour pout at my silence. “Oh, you’re too good for me now that you’ve spent a single lunch with Holden Cartier?”

“I—no, of course not.” I interjected, smoothing o
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