Chapter 18


Other than that one time after school, there wasn’t another confrontation between Hael and me. Even Mykelle seemed content with ignoring my presence for those last two days, which I hadn’t minded in the slightest.

I took that time to listen to every rumor floating around, to watch the two of them even when I knew I shouldn’t.

It was frightening, the things the students and staff said about Alpha Xavier’s eldest son. The scarred Prince, the head of the untouchables. I hadn’t seen a single scar on his body, yet every single time I heard his nickname mentioned, it was always paired with that infuriating word.

When I heard about his and Mykelle’s odd relationship, it hurt more than I anticipated—much, much more. Pain crackled across my chest, scalding my nerve endings much like I thought a blast of lightning would. I had known from watching the two of them that they were more than just friends, but fuckbuddies weren’t what I had in mind.

Sure, she hovered at his side like the other
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Nel Clarke
She should be the one rejecting him not asking him to do it lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Great story so far. I can't wait to read more
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Jennifer Sexton Lambert
Love this book, the plot thickens.

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