Chapter 19


“Aw, come on! You can’t be serious. What kind of right hook was that?” Cole groaned dramatically, flattening his hands against his face. Peeking through his fingers, he muttered listlessly. “Can’t believe they penalized you for that…wasn’t even your fault.”

“Wolfsbane does wonders to the body.” I said dryly, glaring daggers at the fucker on the television that cost me last weeks fight.

I knew he’d been tweaking the second he stepped into the ring, but I’d been too amped up to give a shit and chose to pummel him anyway. Turns out the guy had a mild form of the rogue gene, so his enhanced strength and speed were admirable but ultimately paled in comparison to the ‘superior genetic make up of an Original Wolf descendant’, spoken directly from the mouth of my father.

“It does, doesn’t it? Too bad the high feels like shit. Can’t stand waking up with that foul taste in my mouth.” Cole grimaced, but the sour expression lasted a second before he let out a deafening howl and cheered my vi
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