Chapter 21


“He almost killed you?” Olive deadpanned; her dark-lined lips pressed in a thin line.

I stopped my pacing to give her a look, and quickly hid my trembling hands behind my back. “Yes, but he didn’t want to…at least, I don’t think he did.”

It had taken the better half of an hour and a triple dosage of my anxiety medication to keep me from spiraling into the bottomless pit that had claimed me those years ago. Even then, the more I thought about my throat constricting and my lungs crying out for oxygen, the hazier my vision became.

“If he didn’t want to, then why did he do it?” She questioned, resting her chin in the palm of her hand as she watched me walk laps around the suite.

Talking to Olive, it was all that kept me grounded.

I said nothing about the name I heard Mykelle utter, even though it struck no chord of familiarity within the patchy holes of my memory. Arianna, she had called her. Was she a girlfriend of Haels? A childhood friend?

Owe her? You let her get raped, Hael. T
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Andy Mar
Oh I’m so intrigued to know more! And iridian has gone in a direction I don’t love.. I hope there’s more soon
goodnovel comment avatar
What is the update schedule for this book? Been waiting for a month on Asher. Wondering if I should just stop and reread when this one is finished. I understand life situations, but maybe taking on too many books at one time?
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope even when she remembers the past that she will remain her current self and not allow anger and bitterness to be what controls her in any sense!

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