Chapter 26


The man in question, Daniel Fletcher, happened to be an incredibly successful Lawyer that many of the celebrities and politicians in town used. Not a single one of them knew that many of his victories came from extortion and blackmail, not that it mattered anymore.

The last anyone would see of Daniel Fletcher was him stumbling to his car, the curvy bartender attached at his hip. Her silence was easy enough to buy considering I knew just what it was she wanted.

It was the same thing all humans wanted; a chance at becoming one of us.

Daniel would turn up eventually. Whether or not he’d turn up alive was the question. Márcia, the bartender that had rejected his advances until they morphed from flattering to threatening, would provide an alibi.

With Daniel in the trunk of my car, I took him to the one place no one would think to look. A property belonging to my father that even he forgot he owned.

He’d acquired it back when there was some semblance of connection between he and my mot
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