Chapter 29


“Is that you-know-who?” I lowered my voice to a whisper even though he most likely could hear our every word, down to the ragged breaths I let out.

“Voldemort?” Olive replied instantly, but this time her sense of humor wasn’t a comfort, not when Hael had gone out of his way to threaten me against coming here. “No, much worse.”

“Does he look angry?” I couldn’t help but ask, scolding both Lacey and me for the shiver of glee that tickled my spine from the thought.

“He always looks angry. Turn around and lock eyes with him, that’ll get you a reaction. Shouldn’t be too hard since he’s staring right at you.”

Questioning whether or not I had some latent desire to die young, I turned slowly and faced the guy I was unlucky enough to call my mate. He stood far below the raised patio we were on, past the crowds of dancing partygoers in their bikinis and skimpy dresses.

Standing at his side was a dark-skinned man that looked a whole lot like the guy he’d been talking to in the kitchen that
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