Chapter 30


“What’s wrong? I didn’t mean to overstep, really. If it’s a bathing suit you’re worried about, I have a t-shirt and shorts you can use.”

There was a split second that passed where I was sure I’d refuse, but Lacey’s voice in all of its strength, lifted my darkening thoughts.

‘He won’t do anything to us, and if he tries we’ll tear his eyes out.’ She reassured me, a slight growl to her voice. ‘Plus swimming will scatter our scent and make it harder for Hael to find us, which is a bonus because I doubt we’ll ever get the chance to rip his eyes out.’

“I—I’ll take that t-shirt and shorts, if you don’t mind.” I swallowed, embracing the happy and semi-threatening thoughts Lacey placed into my head, all of which were meant to take the edge off.

Holden’s face lit up at my response, and much like an eager child, he nodded in rapid succession whilst tugging me out of the lounge and down the hall. “I have some clothes in a spare bedroom down here.” He said, pausing at the third white oak do
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