Chapter 31


That little fucking brat.

She ran from me; she seriously ran from me.

I knew it had been her even before she turned around. Five minutes was all it took for me to memorize her every curve, the way her hips moved, and breasts bounced with every infuriating giggle she let out.

The sound of her laughter was the exact opposite of Mykelle’s, who became a screeching hyena the moment she opened her mouth. Violets was light and airy, with a higher pitch that sounded natural and unforced. The way she threw her entire body into it, throwing back her head so that her mane of pale hair flowed down her back, was almost cute.

‘She’s always been cute. Now she’s much more.’ Magnus made note of his growl vibrating my skull—though that could’ve been because of how hard I was grinding my teeth.

‘None of it will save her.’ I insisted even though Magnus had stopped listening.

She wanted to play chase, did she? Well, little Violet. Wait until you see how good of a hunter I am, just wait.

Finding her f
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