Chapter 51

Hael’s P.O.V.

‘You, Hael Ashford, owe me a very large coffee.’ Cole’s voice came across the mind-link, exhausted and raspy from lack of sleep.

I ignored him, leaping over a fallen tree and landing with all four feet on the ground. Without stopping, I continued running, my will blending with Magnus’s as we darted through thick clusters of brush and through dew sodden grass that dampened our fur. There was a slight fog that wrapped itself around every tree trunk and bit of foliage. It made the air taste fresh, the forest and soil not yet warmed by the sun’s heat.

Sleep was becoming harder and harder to achieve, especially as of late. It was her fault, of course. The girl. Her scent was everywhere, clinging to every fucking thing in the estate. Some nights I’d fall asleep, only to wake up in a haze, momentarily forgetting who I was and who she was. Twice now I found myself out in the halls, seconds away from breaking into her room just to be near her. All that existed was the infuriating
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