Chapter 52

Hael’s P.O.V.

Not waiting for his response, I opened the door and stepped out, shutting it behind me. From a distance, I could hear Cole shout something about me not knowing his order, but I didn’t care enough to listen. From what I knew about Cole, he probably got the sweetest, most sugary drink the place had to offer.

Sure enough, his voice slid across the mind-link and answered my unspoken suspicion.

‘Get me a large, iced caramel macchiato with four pumps of vanilla—not the sugar free shit they have, and extra caramel drizzle. If Katie’s at the register, tell her I want coconut cold foam on top. She’ll know what to do. Oh, and have them make the three shots ristretto. It’s just too bitter if they aren’t, completely ruins the flavor of the drink.’

I pinched the bridge of my nose, fighting off the headache that was already forming.

‘Cole, that’s more sugar than it is caffeine.’

There was much more I could say, but there was no use arguing with Cole. He, like myself, let absolutely no
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Kiera J
I am so ready to know what happened in the past lol.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kiera J
Ethan was the guy who tried to assault Violet at school.
goodnovel comment avatar
I don't remember who Ethan is.

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