Chapter 53

Violet’s P.O.V.

Oh my goddess…

My feet slapped against the pavement, the sound echoing in my head. Or maybe that was my heartbeat, I didn’t know. It was going so fast, pounding away like a drum subjected to the rage of its owner.

‘Violet, calm down!’ Lacey shouted, her voice too far away to reach me.

What did I just do? What the hell did I just do!

Colors whirred by, but I barely noticed them. In my head everything was a washed-out shade of grey, the color leached away by horror and utter shock. I was still there—in the café, listening to him scream and scream, staring at myself as I stood frozen, the empty cup still clutched in my hand.

‘It wasn’t your fault. Ugh, listen to me!’

Wasn’t my fault. Wasn’t my fault? I did that. I hurt him; I burned him!

Tears stung my eyes, but no matter how many times I wiped them away, they just kept coming back. The seconds leading up to that moment played on repeat, the colors just a tad too bright and every second slowed, almost like a filter had be
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Kiera J
Poor girl, so scared of her own shadow. Thinking of herself as a monster for self defense? I agree that as great as Elijah has been to her he definitely isn't the paternal type.

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