Chapter 55

Violet’s P.O.V.

“…you insolent fucking princess.”

Princess? What an endearing nickname for someone he supposedly wanted to murder. Alright, there was no supposedly about it. He definitely wanted to murder me, but clearly something was holding him back. I didn’t care what that something was. It bought me time and I’d be damned if I didn’t use every spare second how I wanted.

There was this fire burning in my chest, one that ignited the day Hael destroyed my medication. It’s flames were composed of pure defiance, snapping and crackling any time Hael was near. It was what fueled my actions and dulled the voice in my head urging me not to piss him off.

I wanted nothing more than to shift and tear into him, to prove I wasn't defenseless, but that was an impossibility.

Instead, I beamed at him. I flooded my voice with bubbly warmth, even if I was still trying to catch my breath. The snort I let out was condescending, like I were talking to an animal that couldn’t quite grasp human logic.

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