Chapter 56

Violet’s P.O.V.

I’d been taunting him with the idea of Holden and I together, and it was a nice shot of revenge while it lasted, but I couldn’t stand to hear Hael’s opinion of him. He clearly hated Holden and wanted me to see him as another monster in this pack, but he was wrong.

Holden had so many chances to take advantage of me, to use the fraction of trust I had for him against me, but he hadn’t. He and Olive were two of the good ones, I was sure of it.

Hael laughed, but it wasn’t a sound of humor. It was brittle, dry enough to start a fire, and full of enough hatred that I knew this rivalry spanned far deeper than this battle between us.

“Of course he is, you’re just too blind to see it.” He cocked his head, uncaring when the ebony strands of his hair flopped in his face. His fingers ghosted along the waistband of my skirt and he ground his thigh harder as he said, “He wants what’s in between these thick thighs of yours, and once he gets it, it’ll be over.”

I shook my head fast
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goodnovel comment avatar
I can’t wait for it to get going, or like her memories start coming or just something…..
goodnovel comment avatar
this book does not get enough updates! I want more!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Lolad - I agree; I think she is from the other original family. Earlier Heal said everything changed with his father and the torture started after his kidnapping. My other theory is Sylvia knows who Violet is, and Elijah is still secretly in her employment. I feel like he was guarding her

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