Chapter 77

Violet’s P.O.V.

I caught up with Olive at lunch, who wanted to know every sordid detail of what went on when I finally made it home last night. Since I had an essay on the Bloomberg family to edit and complete, we grabbed a snack and headed to the Media Center.

Here we had a bit more privacy, which is exactly what I needed to relive every blistering and painful moment between Hael and me.

I’d just finished telling her about my sleep-walking episode and the chilling song Hael claimed I sang when Olive’s pitch-black eyebrows lifted, vanishing behind her choppy bangs.

“Oh, shit. That’s creepy as all hell, Violet.” She swallowed, blinking her heavily lined eyes rapidly. “What are we going to do about it?”

The fact that Olive hadn’t hesitated to include herself in my mess nearly made me burst into tears. I wasn’t sure why I was so emotional, but it could’ve easily been due to the crappy cold I was clearly developing.

“I think we’re not the only ones wanting to know the truth. I…I think Hae
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