Chapter 78

Hael’s P.O.V.

Violet sat in the passenger seat of my car looking just as snarky as she had this morning, her rose-petal lips puckered and begging to be bitten. The only difference was the crude blush on her face from where I’d embarrassed her with Holden-fucking-Cartier.

I’d have to do something about that menace, and soon. Only an idiot would miss the way he gawked at Violet, following her every move like a whipped dog.

If it weren’t for his father, I’d have ended his life a long time ago. As it stood, murdering Holden Cartier was a shit show I didn’t have the resources to deal with at the moment.

The second I became Alpha, however.

I glanced over to where Violet sat, her arms folded over her chest, pushing her breasts up a few tempting inches. The worst part was she didn’t even realize what she was doing. Her innocence was the bane of my fucking existence, but also the thing that lured me in the most.

I wanted to peel it off of her layer by layer until I was staring at the monster h
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goodnovel comment avatar
need more!!! love this book
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Gina Sue
I love all of her books, well besides Iridian. It was drug out, so I gave up on it. BUTTTTT this one has me hooked more than any of them. I can't wait for more. I check everyday. She is an amazing author!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
So the big bad Hael is starting to care! Can’t wait fir this find a mate because when he said there are alot of men interested in her just wait until the event!

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