Chapter 80

Hael’s P.O.V.

It’s official, I was going to murder Lorenzo Santino.

To hell with his father, and to hell with the job he was currently doing for me. He’d been warned more than once that his big mouth was going to get him killed, and here I was plotting his death.

“Careful, Lorenzo.” I warned, taking a step towards the little wolf at my side.

Positioning my body so that it blocked her from Lorenzo’s prying stare, I let just a flash of heat fill my eyes. As a wolf himself, he should’ve easily been able to feel the tension thickening in the room. Or he would’ve if it weren’t for the alcohol I picked up on his breath.

The fucker really decided to come here drunk.

‘Do not kill him in front of her.’ Magnus slithered out of his cave, his attention wrapping around the pale curls of the wolf hiding behind my back. ‘She’ll be frightened.’

‘Good. Let her be afraid.’ I bit shot back.

‘If you chase her off, we’ll never get to keep her.’ He replied simply, turning his back on my snarling as he sli
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Adrian Michelle
Damn Hael!

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