Chapter 84

Violet’s P.O.V.

The crowd split and people began to mill about, venturing left and right, merging with others in a sea of color and fabric that quickly became disorienting the longer I stared at it. Thankfully, it wasn’t long, because half a minute later a Olive’s head of choppy, layered hair appeared in the crowd.

With her resting bitch face alone, she carved a path through everyone, practically sprinting to side. Neither of us spared Hael a glance, lacing our arms together and melting into the sea of people. Stares were tossed left and right, each one soaking into my skin, tickling the puckered scars that marred my body, but Olive’s presence helped tune them all out.

“Thank Goddess for that entrance of yours or I never would have found you.” She moaned, forcing a puff of air through her lips to blow her bangs out of her face.

Laughing at her dramatics, I scanned the violet streaks in her hair and glanced down at her dress. “Sticking with the violet theme, huh?” I pointed out, fighti
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Kim nicholson
taking to long to get to the point. what does she have to hide in her past. what does he know.
goodnovel comment avatar
Eve Prater
Update please its been several days and im just going to stop reading your books if you dont update, I don’t understand do you make more money if you don’t update
goodnovel comment avatar
love this book one of my favs need more lol

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