Under the Full Moon
Under the Full Moon
Author: Rafaella Dutra

Chapter 1: The Prophecy of the Moon

The colony was under attack and everyone were caught up by surprise by an enemy pack, and even though they were always alert, this time they didn't have time to be prepared.

It was one of those dark pitch nights, where you can barely see anything without the help of the moonlight.

In the middle of the East Forest, there was a battle happening between two wolf packs. It was hard to tell which wolf belonged to which pack, except for the scent they exuded.

There were roars everywhere and screams from the ones that didn't have time to transform yet.

"Gerard, grab Selena and get out of here," someone shouted.

It was an elderly woman, with gray hair and sweet, but wise eyes. It was easy to tell that she was very smart. She was trying to avoid the blow of a brown wolf, protecting herself with a metal stick. She hit his head with an immense strength, and the wolf collapsed instantly.

"Hurry up!" she screamed again to the young man from her pack.

He rushed inside the house, dodging the wolves that were fighting on the way.

Selena was the young daughter of the Alpha's pack, Bryce, a short-sighted and tyrannical leader.

Gerard found the child crouched in a corner of her room, trembling and covering her ears.

She didn't have any experience with battles. She was very young and couldn't even transform into a wolf yet. The noises outside were incredibly loud, and each time there was a knock near the room, Selena jumped from the floor.

"Hey, little girl." he said calmly, squatting by her side. "How about we get out of this mess for a while and get an ice cream?"

He tried to sound the most calm possible, but it was starting to feel impossible to keep pretending, since the noises were not a good sign of what was happening outside of the house.

Selena's eyes met his and they were full of tears. Her dark hair was all messy and she was wearing her pajamas, which indicated that the girl should be sleeping before the attack started.

She nodded to his answer, grabbing the hand he was offering her to get up off the floor.

Gerard caught her on his arms and rushed outside the room, taking a detour that led to the back of the house. He prayed that no other wolf got there before him, because that was his only plan.

After running for a while, Gerard thought that the way was clear of danger, so he put Selena on the ground. He looked back and couldn't see anything. It was very dark and he could only count on the moonlight and the lights of a few cars passing on a road nearby.

"Are you ok, kid?" he asked Selena.


"Do you think you can walk from now on? You're kind of heavy for a young girl, you know?" he tried to make a joke to cheer her up a little bit.

She smiled, but with a blink of an eye, she changed to a terrified face, seeing something behind him.

"Watch out!" she screamed, pointing at someone coming towards them. Gerard only had time to turn and see a very big and furious wolf growling at him.

"Selena, run!" he shouted at her, before turning himself into a gray wolf.

Selena was paralyzed for a moment, seeing the two giant wolves fighting before her eyes. It was when she heard the sound of a stick breaking a bit far from there, that she seemed to realize what she should do.

She started running like her life depended on that, which it did. Her legs weren't very long and as a kid, she didn't have much breath to run a long distance, specially not with her stuffy nose from crying.

The noises behind her seemed to be getting closer, but she did not dare to look back.

The only thing she kept repeating at her mind was "turn, turn", but she knew that wouldn't happen. Specially because she wasn't old enough for that yet and the first time would be very painful.

With those thoughts spinning around her mind, Selena got distracted and tripped on some sort of twig that made her fall on the floor, hitting her head heavily on a rock and blacking out immediately.

The wolf following her stopped running as soon as she fell, almost didn't believing his luck. She was running really fast for a young child.

When he was about to make a move and kill her, he got hit by a massive force on his right side, coming from the direction of the forest. The knock was so strong, that he didn't even see what hit him.

He rolled a few times on the ground, before sticking his claws on the soil, losing speed and getting on his four paws again.

Looking up, he saw a giant female wolf with a white and majestic pelage like the moon. She had shining blue eyes and looked at him with a killing glance.

As soon as he prepared to attack, the white wolf ran towards him, with her jaw open and bit his right shoulder. The wolf growled loudly, and the white wolf threw him a few feet away.

When he fell on the ground, blacked out, the white wolf went towards the unconscious little girl and put her, carefully, on her back.

She took Selena back to her house and put her asleep in front of the door. The fight was already over.

When Grandma opened the door, she saw a sleeping Selena lying on the floor, and when she looked up, she saw the back of a white wolf going in the direction of the forest.

Grandma took Selena quickly to her room and went to the forest, to the place where she saw the white wolf disappear.

That's when she saw a bright light and it had the most beautiful form. She could swear she was staring at the moon. The form was a woman with white long hair, shining blue eyes, and she smiled gently at Grandma.

"Who are you?" Grandma asked, astonished by her beauty.

"I'm the Moon Spirit." she simply replied.

"You saved my granddaughter? Were you the white wolf I saw a few minutes ago?"

The beautiful woman stared at her for a little longer and said:


She still had that soft smile on her glowing face.

"Your granddaughter is destined to something really big." the Moon Spirit continued.

"What is it?" Grandma asked.

"When the right time comes, she will unite with my son and bring peace to both packs."

"Your son?" Grandma continued, not understanding exactly what the spirit meant. "Who is he?"

"Eventually everything will become clear. Just protect the child and keep her alive."

Grandma nodded, even though she still had a lot to ask.

She didn't know what destiny had saved for Selena. She feared for her granddaughter's life even more now, but she always felt that the girl had a different energy coming from her. She just couldn't explain why.

Until that moment.

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