Chapter 2: Getting Into the World of Flirting

"Grandma, I'm leaving!" Selena shouted, already passing through the door, not waiting for her grandmother's response.

She walked to college feeling the warm breeze from that morning. That lifted her spirit a little. Selena was always so curious about the different lifestyle of the humans and wanted to understand their world so badly, that she had enrolled in a college nearby.

She always discovered something new in their world, and that captivated her very much.

At the college stairs, she heard someone screaming her name. She turned and saw Maddie coming in her direction.

Maddie was a very beautiful girl, red-haired with honey-colored eyes. She was one of the most beautiful women Selena had ever seen.

Everyone used to say that Selena was incredibly beautiful too, just like her mother. She had her mother's long black hair, her tanned skin and grayish eyes. She saw in a few pictures and they were pretty similar indeed.

Selena and Maddie weren't exactly what they called popular girls, but Maddie always joked that her and Selena were a hell of a pair and that they were underestimated.

Maddie had everything to be an obnoxious person, but she was very humble and a very loyal friend to Selena.

"Hey, gorgeous!" Maddie said when she caught up with Selena on the top of the stairs. "How was your weekend?" Maddie asked her curiously.

"No big deal. I was just busy helping my grandma at home." Selena lied, feeling guilty as always. She always wanted to tell Maddie the truth about her, but she was really afraid of the consequences of that. Specially for Maddie.

Selena was sure that Maddie would understand and would still be her friend despite the fact that she was a werewolf.

But what she was most afraid of was if her father could do something to her friend if he found out that Selena told anything to her.

She wasn't willing to risk that, so she always made excuses for her friend about her private life.

They arrived at the classroom and sat at the chairs at the end of the line. The hours passed really quick, except for the last class.

"Honestly, he's the worst teacher in this place!" Maddie complained, while they seated on a table on the campus' garden.

It was break time, and her and Selena had just gotten out of an awful class.

"Come on! What he actually meant was that I didn't write what he wanted me to write. Why didn't he do it then?" Maddie huffed.

Selena laughed while bitting her sandwich. It was really nice to have those sort of problems. If Maddie only knew what her problems were like.

"Ok, don't panic. Just pretend you're cool. Robbie is coming here with William. And don't look." Maddie added quickly, when Selena got her head up. "Oh, my God! You seriously need to learn some social etiquette."

"What?" Selena looked at her, confused. "You should've said that first then. How would I…"

But she couldn't finish the sentence, because Robbie stopped in front of them, with a blonde guy called William by his side. Robbie was a nice guy from the other class, with green eyes and a curly brown hair.

"Hey, girls! How have you been?"

Selena noticed that William was staring at Maddie like she was some sort of angel or goddess.

"Hi, we're good. Thank you! What about you?" Selena replied.

"Good, good! So, we are going out tonight to the Treehouse Bar. Would you girls like to join us? Some other friends are coming too." Robbie asked.

Selena wished she wasn't eating a sandwich at that moment. What an awkward situation. He was staring a lot at her, and she was getting a bit embarrassed.

While thinking about it, Selena felt Maddie stomp on her feet under the table and looked at her, angrily.


Maddie was giving her a very serious look that would scare Selena if she didn't know her better.

"Er… Yes, sure. We can go!" Selena replied to Robbie, after launching at Maddie the angriest glance she could.

"Ok, nice!" he said, glancing at William and looking at them again. "So, we'll be there at 9 p.m."

"We'll see you tonight then!" William said, while the two of them waved and turned their backs, leaving Maddie and Selena astonished.

"Wow!" Maddie started, after a few seconds of pure silence. "I can't believe he asked you out."

"He didn't ask me out." Selena grabbed another bite of the sandwich, now that she was free to eat it without Robbie's eyes scanning her.

"Oh, God! No wonder you've never had a date before. You are really stupid, my friend." Maddie laughed.

Selena punched her at the shoulder, getting revenge from the stomp earlier.

"They invited both of us. Weren't you here when that happened?" Selena teased her friend, receiving an ugly face back.

"I was here, idiot. But of course he came to ask you out. He just didn't want you to feel pressured, so he came with William too. In this way, it wouldn't feel weird for you to accept."

"You are very knowledgeable for someone that doesn't have that much experience."

Selena tried very hard not to laugh because of Maddie's expression. The girl was almost beating her up.

"Anyway…" Selena continued. "William didn't take his eyes off of you. Did you notice?"

"Come on! Don't underestimate me. I'll have to teach you a thing or two before we go there tonight. I don't want you embarrassing yourself."

Selena didn't feel so offended because it was actually true. She was incredibly stupid at the dating department and had a great chance of embarrassing herself that night, so she agreed, instead of discussing with Maddie.

They both got out of college, and Selena went to Maddie's house to receive a lesson on dates, and to get ready.

Maddie was very eager on dressing Selena up, saying that she didn't know how to dress herself. She picked a long sleeve black dress for Selena.

"Seriously, Robbie will faint when he sees you in this."

"Don't you think this is a bit too much? I'm not used to using dresses." Selena complained.

"You'll have to learn. You need to be extremely beautiful tonight. And it's not that short anyway."

Selena was starting to get nervous, so she stopped arguing with Maddie about the dress. It was easier to agree with her friend than to make her change her mind.

"Hmm… Fine!" Selena said, going to the bathroom with the towel on her shoulder.

She washed her hair, while thinking about how many ways possible that night could go wrong for her.

But what Selena didn't expect was that the night would turn out to be something entirely different.

And it would have nothing to do with Robbie.

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