Chapter 8: Evil Lord Shane

"Lord Shane! Lord Shane!" a dark-haired guy came shouting at a tall and serious man that was contemplating the moon through the window, with the hands on his pockets.

They were inside of an old and abandoned warehouse outside of the city, where their pack lived.

Lord Shane was their leader and they were a band of rogue wolves that thought they were better and stronger than most of the other wolves. They didn't care about any rules and always did what they wanted.

Shane was a young man with blonde hair, green eyes and a face full of scars. His presence was terrifying and it was almost like the place got colder every time he arrived.

They always liked to terrorize and put up a fight with other packs at the city for no reason.

"Why are you shouting? Didn't I tell you that I hate when you shout?" Shane closed his eyes for a moment before turning to the man in front of him. "What is it?"

The young man seemed so excited, that he didn't seem to care that Shane looked very angry with the interruption.

"We got into a fight with some members from Bryce's pack earlier." the guy started to tell the incident like it was some suspense movie. "We were in the middle of the battle when his daughter arrived with some others."

"So what? Did you think this was worth of interrupting my moment of reflection?" Shane asked ironically, still sustaining his angry face.

He wasn't a patient guy and was known to be ruthless and fierce.

The guy flinched, but continued talking.

"Something weird happened while she was fighting with me."

"Yeah, you don't look very well indeed." Shane mocked him, staring at him from head to toe.

The guy seemed offended for a while, but recovered quickly to continue the story, not before defending himself.

"Well… This guy attacked me while I was distracted beating the s**t out of Bryce's daughter. She had the nerve to attack me."

"What is the weird thing you were going to tell me about? I'm starting to get annoyed. Just say whatever you have to say and get out."

"Before that, she showed some weird powers, if that could really be called power."

Shane straightened his back and suddenly got interested in what he was hearing.

"Powers? What do you mean?"

"She attacked me, and while we were fighting, I felt strange that she suddenly stopped. So I looked at her, and she seemed very confused."

The guy stopped, maybe to make a little more of suspense, but got scared with Shane's scream.


"She… She was shaking her head and her eyes were shining brightly, but I couldn't really see them, because she couldn't keep them open for a long time. She was very disturbed."

"What else did you see her doing?" Shane asked with curiosity.

"She got hold of herself for a while, that's when she got an advantage of my distraction and attacked me. She tossed me away with an abnormal strength, I've never seen a werewolf with such strength."

Shane got immersed in his thoughts after hearing that. Werewolves were familiar with a tale about a wolf that was blessed by the moon with powers, but that was just a story for children. Shane was never the type to believe in myths and prophecies.

But now that a member from his pack witnessed something strange like that, he started to think that maybe it was true. Maybe Bryce's daughter was that wolf blessed by the moon after all.

If she had such strong powers, she was a threat to him. It wouldn't be good for his leadership and for the plans he had for himself to have such a strong wolf around, specially in a small town like that.

"Lord Shane?" the man stopped telling his story and got worried, since his leader was no longer paying attention to him. "Are you okay?"

Shane blinked a few times and pretended nothing happened.

"If what you say is true, I don't think it's a good thing to have a wolf with strong powers like that near us, out of our control."

"What do you mean, Lord Shane?"

"We must eliminate her. We need to discover more about her, discover her weakness."

"How do you intend to do that, sir? It's not like she is the easiest person for us to get close to."

"She goes to that human college, Nick. She is always walking around like she is the queen of the damn world." Shane said angrily.

"Do you want me to get her when she leaves?" Nick asked.

"For now, you can follow her to discover more about her. If you have a chance, maybe ambush her to see what she can actually do." Shane explained, sitting on a chair. "From what you've told me, she didn't seem familiar with the powers either."

"But what about Bryce? If we attack her, he might retaliate against us."

Shane laughed loudly.

"That man hates his own daughter, Nick. I don't think he would care if we ended her. He might as well thank us." Shane stated. "For now, that's what you'll do. Let's not jump into conclusions yet. First, we need to discover if she is the wolf from that stupid prophecy or not."

Nick nodded in agreement.

"I'm on it, Lord Shane. I'll let you know if I have more information."

"Don't do anything stupid!" Shane scolded him, before Nick left. "I don't want her dead yet."

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