Chapter 10: Trapped Into an Ambush

Selena didn't have much time to think. She suddenly saw herself facing four wolves at the end of the street. She could instantly recognize the wolf that had attacked her on the forest the other day. It was his smell that Selena felt the whole day after all.

"What the hell do you want from me? Are you not satisfied yet?" she shouted to the brownish wolf that was coming near her slowly, followed by the others.

Selena was still on her human form.

She considered turning her back and running to where she came from, but that would attract them to Maddie's house, and she didn't want that.

She wouldn't be able to handle four wolves by herself, specially not in a human form. In any scenario, she was screwed.

She would have to shift into a wolf, because they would eat her alive if she remained like that.

Selena took a few steps back and turned herself into a big black wolf with yellow eyes. The wolves didn't seem to be impressed by her though.

She started to feel the shivering slightly growing inside her body and that burning sensation on her stomach. That wasn't a good sign. She didn't know how to control the powers yet, and she was clearly at a disadvantage.

The brownish wolf appeared to be the one giving the orders that night, but he didn't seem to be their leader.

She studied the place and her limited options. She would have to find a way to escape from them and get back to the colony.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on what she was feeling.

Her senses were even more heightened now. All her nerves and muscles were trembling with too much energy. It felt like some sort of spiritual force, but Selena couldn't explain how she knew that.

She could hear their breaths near her. She could hear their heartbeats. And she could even sense exactly where they were, even though she had her eyes closed.

But when she was thinking about that, she heard a noise and opened her eyes. One of the wolves bumped into a trash can and that made a metallic noise.

Selena looked at him and felt her eyes burning. It was like they were on fire. She almost closed them again.

But, at that exact moment, the wolf glanced at her eyes, and when his eyes met hers, he stopped moving around, motionless like a statue.

Selena sustained her glaze at him, feeling a sort of control over him. It was like she told him to stay put, and he obeyed. It was like he was hypnotized.

But she didn't know how she could possibly be doing that. Was that one of her powers too? Hypnosis?

The brownish wolf that attacked her previously made a quick move at her right side, and she cut the visual connection with the other member from the rogue pack.

He seemed very confused after that.

Selena was getting more than annoyed with that whole situation. If they wanted to attack her, why weren't they doing anything? She started to feel angry and bored with that show.

She roared, and the wolves instantly looked at the brownish one, and Selena was sure he was the one giving the commands that night. So he would be her prey.

She turned to look at him and with a sudden movement, she gathered that electric energy on her legs and jumped from the floor. She stretched her paws in the air and pushed him on the ground. He tried to defend himself, but she was faster.

Selena could feel her legs getting stronger, and waving her front paw, she threw him at the end of the street, which was really far.

She looked at the others and didn't know what to do. They continued to stare at her in a defensive pose, kind of blocking her way, not letting her escape.

She had to think fast. The wolf she tossed away got on his feet and was coming towards her again. He started to run, gaining speed, and she tucked her claws on the floor, preparing for the impact.

He bumped into her with a lot of strength, and she rolled back for a few seconds.

Her heart was burning inside her chest and her teeth were clenched. She growled again and started to run after him. She was running really fast this time.

It was getting a little easier to control the powers, although she didn't know exactly how she was doing that. Maybe it was just a survival instinct, she thought.

Selena surprised him with a strong bite. She sticked her teeth on his flesh, and the wolf howled loudly. She shook her head, but when she did that, she felt a horrible headache.

She released him and moaned in pain.

At that moment, the wolf seized the opportunity to hit her, and with a punch he knocked her head, throwing her far away.

Selena almost passed out. Her head was hurting so much that it made her nauseated. She almost threw up because of the pain.

Her vision was very blurred. She tried to get on her feet, but her legs failed.

Then she looked up and nothing she saw after that made any sense.

An enormous white wolf appeared on the street and was attacking the other wolves that ambushed her. She could hear them roaring, but couldn't quite see with precision what the wolf was doing.

What she could see though, was that the white wolf had an abnormal strength just like hers, and was incredibly fast.

He knocked two of the wolves with just one hit, tossing them so far that she wasn't even able to see where they landed.

The other two remaining started to run so fast that, in no time, they were nowhere to be seen.

Selena closed her eyes with intensity, trying to get better and lucid. She wanted to see that wolf. She wanted to get closer. She wanted to ask him who he was and why he saved her.

But when she opened her eyes again, he was gone.

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