Chapter 12: Second Chance

Selena passed the whole morning thinking about the ambush. She was starting to get suspicious of everything and everyone.

Why would someone try to ambush her? Did it have something to do with her powers?

Her grandmother insisted that she kept that a secret, which made a lot of sense, since they were a threat even for Selena herself.

While leaving class, Selena had to stop at the library to grab some books, and Maddie had to go home in a hurry because she had a job interview scheduled.

Selena was left alone and while she went outside of the building checking the books she had just gotten, she didn't see when someone stopped in front of her.

It was Robbie, and she almost bumped into him, if she hadn't gotten her head up in time.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I was distracted and didn't see you there." she apologized, getting herself together after the scare.

"It's ok, actually I shouldn't stop in front of you like that. " Robbie said with a smile. " Anyway… If I didn't know better, I'd think you're
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