Chapter 15: I'm Taking You Home

Selena went wandering through the streets, staggering. She refused resolutely that Robbie accompanied her home.

That could never happen. She had to go home by herself. But she was still very drunk and with a hell of a headache.

She crossed the street and turned left, and that's when she regretted going home in that state. With that dizziness, she started to think her mind was playing tricks on her.

She could swear she saw a guy next to a tree, staring at her. But she couldn't sense anything, like his smell or anything, and she couldn't be clear if he was indeed looking at her.

If he was some stalker or thief, she wasn't going to be able to fight him. She was barely standing up.

The guy had dark hair and was very young, but his eyes caught Selena's attention. She thought they were pretty familiar, but she could not remember where she could had seen them.


She heard a voice coming from behind her, which almost caused her a heart attack.

"Holy sh*t!" Selena cursed, turning on
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