Chapter 95: The Best Gift

Selena collapsed on the couch.

Grandma had never really talked so openly about her mother. Actually, that was a subject rarely brought up in front of Selena even since she was born.

She could count of her fingers the times she was able to know more about her mother in a conversation.

So the fact that Grandma wanted to give her something from her mother took her off guard.

"What do you mean, Grandma?" Selena asked with a low voice.

Her hands were shaking when Grandma offered her a tiny velvet jewelry bag. She took the little bag from Cora's hand, not able to think properly.

"Your mother gave this to me before she gave birth to you. It was like she knew something was going to happen to her."

Selena took her eyes away from the bag and looked at Grandma.

"What do you mean?"

"A few hours before she went into labor, she called me in her room and gave me this. She said that if something happened to her, she wanted you to get this on your wedding day."

Selena could feel her tears coming ba
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