Chapter 97: Visit of the Moon

Lucas blinked a few times, trying to make sure he wasn't imagining anything, after all, he had some drinks during the night.

Maybe the day was so overwhelming, that his brain was making things up. It couldn't be what he thought it was.

Specially because he had never had an experience like that during his whole life. So why now?

But as much as he tried to ignore that light, something inside him kept bothering him. He needed to check.

Selena was shooting some glances at him during the dance, but he tried to pretend everything was ok.

He didn't want to make her worried at that night. It was their wedding after all. And he wouldn't say something like that if he wasn't sure.

She would probably think he was crazy.

The music ended and Maddie came to say something to Selena, and Lucas thanked the girl inside his head.

He needed a minute for himself, but that seemed to be an impossible mission at that crowded place.

"Baby, I'll go to the bathroom real quick. I'll be right back." he gave Selena
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