Chapter 98: A Long Awaited Honeymoon

It took Lucas a few more minutes to pull himself together and go back to the party.

It still felt like a dream that he had seen his mother, but he had to go back to his wedding.

Selena should be looking for him.

He went back to the house and bumped into someone on the way out.

"Hey, Lucas! We were looking for you."

It was Maddie. The girl was already blushed from so many margaritas she had drank.

"Hey! What happened? Why were you looking for me?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Well, we need the groom to cut the cake, you know? It is your wedding after all." the girl said annoyed but smiling. "Come on, Selena will kill us if we take too long."

Maddie grabbed him by his hand and pulled Lucas outside to where the party was still going strong.

He saw Selena at a distance looking at him with worried and curious eyes. She was actually really cute when she acted like that.

Lucas saw her coming towards him with her arms crossed and trying to look angrier than she actually was.

"Where were you? I s
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