Chapter 99: At the Beach House Again

They arrived at the house while the sun was still very high in the sky.

Lucas parked, and they brought their luggage inside.

Selena put on her bikini and Lucas was wearing his shorts, and while he was preparing some drinks for them, Selena organized their things outside the suitcases.

Lucas came to her and handed her a glass of something colorful but very tasteful.

They spent the whole day at the beach, talking, swimming, making out and laughing. Just being at each other's presence was more than enough.

The sun was almost setting when Lucas told Selena about what had happened at the wedding party.

Selena's jaw was widely opened and she forgot to breath for a moment.

"You saw… your mom?" she stuttered.

Lucas nodded.

"Is that even possible?" she continued.

"I mean, I thought the same thing, but apparently it is. I mean, she did came here once right. Otherwise I wouldn't have been born." he said.

Selena slapped his arm slightly.

"You know what I meant." she rolled her eyes.

Lucas laughed
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