Chapter 2: Mister Pooh And Miss Beauty

Earlier that day at the Herbal Twist Restaurant.

Wearing a hat over his head and dark sunglasses to cover his eyes, Kaleb Wright smirked at the sight of the woman who, for him, had the most beautiful espresso-colored eyes. Her straight and long dark brown hair cascaded down her back, and her smile easily brightened up his day. 

"Hello, Mister Pooh, I see you wearing my favorite character again. What would you like to have?” Said Miss Beauty. 

"I’ll have the usual hibiscus tea, please. Tha nk you,” Kaleb replied, and behind his dark-shaded glasses, he winked at her. Too bad she could not see it. 

That was all he knew about her… that she was beautiful. 

It was weeks ago that he discovered this restaurant and bar, a hidden gem in the heart of Braeton City. They served the best kinds of floral teas, which he had hoped to bring into the Diamond Hotels, the hotel chain belonging to their company. 

Back then, When Kaleb first spotted the establishment, he was only wearing a polo shirt, and it rained upon his arrival. He found his bodyguard’s favorite Pooh Bear sweatshirt inside his Maybach and put it to good use. Who knew... it would be his new favorite, too?

That was how Miss Beauty came to know him as Mister Pooh. They never exchanged names. Both of them just minding their businesses, making friendly conversation as a customer and a server. Besides, Kaleb was not interested in finding a relationship, not just yet. Not when he had a son to consider.

Throughout the weeks, however, Kaleb became amazed by Miss Beauty’s kindness. In fact, on his second day of visit, he forgot his wallet in the car and while he promised to return with the payment, Miss Beauty said to him, "Don’t worry about it, Mister Pooh, it’s on the house.”

It wasn’t just him, though. He noticed how Miss Beauty was very kind to children. On one occasion, a mother brought her one-year-old baby to the restaurant, and he puked at Miss Beauty’s uniform, but that did not affect her negatively. Instead, she offered to help clean up the baby first. 

Miss Beauty wasn’t only a beauty on the outside, but inside as well. 

It was four in the afternoon and Kaleb was taking his afternoon break, an hour away from the company, just to have a sip of the sweet hibiscus tea. As usual, he was admiring the work of Miss Beauty when suddenly, a man called his name, "Mister Wright! Mister Wright!”

He instantly frowned, seeing that it was Boris, his son’s bodyguard. He brought Liam with him, too. He was quick to get up, leaving his tea unfinished. He left five dollars on the table and rushed to where they were standing. 

Kaleb did not want anybody to recognize him, especially since he was wearing Boris’ Pooh Bear sweatshirt for crying out loud. This was the same reason he wore a cap over his head and dark sunglasses. 

"What are you doing here? You know I have to return to the company. Kyle will call me nonstop after this,” Kaleb said, referring to his older brother. 

"Your son does not want to go to the doctor. We are already late,” Boris said. “You know he only listens to you.” 

Boris’ eyes wandered behind Kaleb and he said, “You know, Mister Wright. If you like Miss Beauty so much, you should just ask for her name… I really liked that sweatshirt  -”

"Unwarranted advice… and I’ll buy you another Pooh Bear sweatshirt. In fact, I’ll buy you sweatshirts of all Winnie the Pooh Bear characters!” Kaleb countered. 

"Ah, really, Mister Wright? My wife really likes Piglet and Eeyore too,” Boris, a tall and muscled man, said, his eyes showing a hint of excitement with the idea. 

It really was baffling to Kaleb how his bodyguard was fond of the Disney Show. Boris claimed it was a favorite of his wife, but Kaleb doubted that. Still, he was good at what he did. He may be a softy on the inside, but he was all muscles and a black belter in martial arts. He was the best bodyguard for him and for his son, Liam. 

He sighed, shaking his head, and ordered, "Go get the car.”

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir,” Boris said, dashing outside the restaurant. 

Seeing Boris flee, Kaleb looked down at Liam. He was exploring the restaurant lobby, studying the teapots and various vases on display. He called, "Liam?”

"Dad? I don’t want to go to the doctor,” his son said before he stood still and crossed his little arms against his chest. 

Kaleb sighed. He took off his sunglasses and said, "Liam, you know it’s good for you? It is not the same as when you were in the hospital. I promise.”

Despite his father’s assurance, Liam just groaned and turned to the wall in objection. 

He knew the reason Liam was afraid of needles. It was six months ago when he got sick with pneumonia, resulting in the boy staying in the hospital for two full weeks. Since then, Liam hated needles. 

Kaleb was about to enumerate the benefits of getting his vaccine when, from the corner of his eye, he saw Miss Beauty come out of the kitchen. For a moment, he swore, she glanced to where he had earlier settled.

A smile formed on his face, wondering if Miss Beauty was eager to find him. Barely a whisper, he muttered, “Maybe it’s time to introduce myself. She might actually like Liam too.”

"Ah, Mister Wright? Ready to go?” He shifted his gaze to the door and found Boris.

"Yes, let’s go. Liam is with you?” Kaleb asked, calmly looking at Boris. 

"Ah.” Boris frowned and replied, “I - I just got here, Mister Wright. Wasn’t he with you?”

The words that left Boris’ mouth echoed in Kaleb’s head and it made him turn frantically in every direction. His eyes quickly scanned the insides of the restaurant and when he did not find Liam, he approached the receptionist and asked, "Excuse me, have you seen a young boy of this height? He was just with me a moment ago.”

"Um.” The receptionist was uncertain. Her mind was playing tricks on her, considering how many young boys she had seen that afternoon. She answered, "I think… he went outside. Yes, that’s right. He went outside.”

Without giving it much thought, both Boris and Kaleb dashed outside of the streets in search of Liam. Covering nearby buildings, they divided the pursuit. Kaleb also went as far as calling other security from the Wright Diamond Corporation to help look for his son. 

After a lengthy effort, Kaleb returned home, hoping, just hoping, Liam found his way to the penthouse. 


"Boris! Did you find him? How could you lose sight of him? You know how he is sometimes!” From inside the penthouse of the Third Diamond Hotel, Kaleb was frantically putting the blame on his son’s bodyguard, Boris. His fingers repeatedly dug through his hot-toffee hair, and his chiseled jaws became clenched in despair. 

"Me?” Boris was puzzled, pointing a finger at himself. “Wasn’t it you? Because you kept on staring at Miss Beauty?”

"Argghh!” Kaleb groaned, following the sarcasm that rolled off Boris’ tongue. He knew inside, he was at fault. His proud self just could not admit it. 

"Let’s call the police. It had been a good two hours! This situation is already scaring me.” Kaleb suggested, his voice intensifying.

"Sir! There is a lady downstairs with Liam. She found him, and she wants to bring him up in person,” another one of his security said, whose ears were on the phone clearly from having been alerted by the hotel staff.

Dead air fell upon them, with everyone in the penthouse absorbing the good news. 

Kaleb’s chest was earlier congesting with worry, but hearing the report, he gathered air into his lungs profusely, his eyes closed before he let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God! Let them up.”

Heartbeats later, Kaleb’s tall frame was pacing back and forth, right in front of the door. He snapped in the direction of the other member of his aide and asked, "Are you sure they are on their way up?”

"Yes, Mister Wright. The hotel’s head of security is bringing them in,” it was Boris who said in response.

Eventually, the doorbell rang, and Kaleb took a full turn, opening the door excitedly. Much to his surprise, a familiar woman was standing before him, holding his son. She was looking at him, more specifically his sweatshirt, since he no longer had his cap and shades on. 

"Mister Pooh?” Beauty asked, and by the look on her face, he could tell she was very bewildered. 

"Miss Beauty?” He answered back unwittingly.

Silence engulfed them for a good second before the woman clarified, "You call me Miss Beauty?”

Kaleb could not help but hiss at having been found out. How could he explain it to her now? "Ah, yes, I heard a customer call you Beauty. I assume that’s your name. Are you... Miss Beauty?”

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Loving all your novels, this one no exception
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Pamata Aoelua
Hahaha!! Gonna love n enjoy this book! Thank you author for the humor...another main thing I love about your books and characters.

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