Chapter 5: Hide

Heading back to the parking lot, Scarlett bit her lip at the sight of the splendid car. She pursed her lips and thought, ‘This may very be… my only chance to get a picture of this baby.’

Turning to Kaleb and Liam, she asked, “Can I possibly get a picture with the car?” She pouted and reasoned, “I really love this car. You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about this in the past.”

Kaleb smirked. He replied, “You love the car? How about...” He coughed, covering his mouth, and faintly resumed, “the owner?”

“What?” Out of excitement, Scarlett missed his last word. 

Liam, however, heard it perfectly. He said to Scarlett, “My beauty, who do you love more, the car or me?”

Scarlett just could not help but be amused by the young man. She snorted as she laughed at his cute bluntness. She lowered her gaze and pinched his adorable cheek, saying, “Of course, you are the cute one. I’d choose you over the car on any day!”

Liam reflected a triumphant grin as if having won the battle, his eyes landing on his father. If he could keep a scorecard, he was sure he had already won the fight against his daddy. 

As Scarlett took pictures of herself with the car, however, Kaleb came up with a bright idea, granting him the bigger win. He offered, “You know Scarlett, I have a 4K camera phone. Allow me to take the pictures and I’ll just forward them to you.”

“Oh, no, Mister Wright. You don’t have to. It’s very embarrassing,” Scarlett was quick to answer, feeling sheepish about having Kaleb Wright take her pictures. 

Liam glared at his daddy, but despite the threatening glances of his son, Kaleb insisted, “I’ll forward them to you. I’m quite good at photography.”

It was true. Kaleb used to pose as a model when he was younger, and that was how he also learned photography. He never took the career seriously, though. When he had Liam, he realized further, that running the company with his brother was the better choice.

It gave him more freedom to be with his son and control over his time. If work was hectic, he would bring Liam into his office. His older brother, Kyle, was the same. That was how the Wright Diamond corporation opened up a small kid’s club at the office building itself. 

Standing in front of his Knight XV, Kaleb’s chest swelled with pride as he took not just one, but ten perfect photos of Scarlett. Two of them, he meant to keep only for himself. 


Three hours later at the Third Diamond Hotel’s grand dinner buffet. 

“Wow! This was literally the best meal I had ever had in.” Scarlett paused, thinking back to how it had been so long. She smiled, looking down before resuming, “In… a really long time.”

“Do you like the food, my Beauty?” Liam asked, beaming. “Many of them are my grandma’s signature dishes.”

“Is it?” Scarlett asked, her body leaning back, impressed at what she heard. She peered in Kaleb’s direction and complimented, “Your mother is amazing.”

“She is. She is beautiful, too. My mother has these most attractive blue eyes,” Kaleb said with a heartfelt grin. Then he added, “We have the same eyes.”

“Oh.” Scarlett caught on, putting a hand over her mouth, holding back the giggles that threatened to leave her lips. “I’m really glad I had this dinner with you, Liam, Mister Wright -”

"Please, call me Kaleb, Scarlett. We should get past the formalities by now. You returned my son, safe and sound. I am so grateful to you and you don’t need to address me like I am your boss,” he suggested. “Call me Kaleb.”

Kaleb’s eyes narrowed, focusing on how Scarlett’s full lips said his name. He was really pleased.

“Kaleb,” she said before her eyes gleamed along with an earnest smile that easily became painted on her delicate face. “Thank you, Kaleb.”

"My beauty?" Liam, who was sitting next to Scarlett, pleaded with puppy eyes. "Can you say my name a lot of times?"

"Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam! Cute and adorable Liam!" Scarlette added and Liam's smile reached his ears. 

Kaleb hissed, but recovered quickly, shaking his head. 

The trio enjoyed a few choices of delectable desserts before Boris met them to fetch Liam. Kaleb meant to drive Scarlett home. While Liam insisted he tag along, Kaleb was firm about him taking an early rest, especially since he had school the next day. 

On other matters, Kaleb would tolerate Liam’s stubbornness, but with school, rules needed to be followed, including observing a strict bedtime.

It was by the lifts that Scarlett kissed Liam’s cheek goodnight, and only after that did Kaleb walk back with Scarlett through the hallways leading to the hotel lobby. 

Scarlett was still in dreamland, thinking of how her day turned out so lovely. She treasured the time spent with Liam and she could not help but feel butterflies in her stomach while being around Kaleb, too. 

She had to admit. Kaleb was really gorgeous. Plus, in her view, he seemed to be a caring dad.

As they walked through the long and wide corridor, her eyes could not help but peek sideways at his tall frame, his chiseled jaws, the way his adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped, and the way he walked with authority and poise. 

She marveled at how lucky she was to become acquainted with both Liam and Kaleb. 

While thinking this, her eyes caught a glimpse of two approaching figures, one that she attempted to avoid just the other day. 

Luca and Courtney were walking towards them, about ten meters away.

Scarlett immediately panicked. For a second, her feet became so rooted to the floor while her eyes scanned the vicinity for a good hiding place. Yes, that has been her life for a while now. Hiding from Luca. 

She saw how the comfort rooms were five meters ahead, but going there also meant approaching Luca and Courtney. She would not have that. No way!

Instead, she grabbed on to the best person who could potentially shield her from being seen. 


Gripping on Kaleb’s arm, she pulled him closer to her, all while leaning back against the wall. Both her hands soon clenched against the lapels of his suit and she requested, “Please… Hi - hide me.”

Kaleb became startled, but at the same time, their closeness equally delighted him. He was bemused at what she said at first that he clarified, “Hide you?”

As his forearm rested on the wall, nearing her face, his body inched closer to her, his head looking down at her frightened expression. Kaleb heard her repeat, “Please, hide me.”

When Kaleb noticed how Scarlett’s eyes moved to an approaching couple, he frowned, but at the same time, he saw an opportunity not to be missed! He nodded and acknowledged, “Don’t worry. I’ll hide you well.”

He pushed closer, essentially closing the gap between their chests. While there were many layers of clothes between them, he wound up gulping, feeling Scarlett’s breasts pressed against his solid frame. 

He leaned his head lower so that his face was covering Scarlett. Along with his forearm that remained on the wall, none of her distinct features were visible to Luca and Courtney. Softly, Kaleb reported, “I’m very good at hiding people.”

Sure. Scarlett was relieved she was well camouflaged. She was tucked in the arms of a gorgeous man. His face was practically inches away from hers, his lips grazing over her hair, his hot breath blowing against her forehead. 

She instantly felt goosebumps all over, all the more when his body continued to press against her small frame. He was doing such a good job at covering her, that she had to push him lightly away, saying, “I - I kinda need a little… breather.”

“Oh, sorry,” Kaleb said, his mouth still blowing at the top of her head. “Wait, I think they are looking at you. Why don’t you hug me?”

Scarlett, ‘Hug?’

Despite her brain protesting, she did as he suggested, assailing her body completely to his. There was nothing, absolutely no space between them. She rested her face against the crook of his neck and she slouched down to hide her figure significantly, her hands gripping tighter against Kaleb’s coat.

“Are they still there?” She meekly asked. It had been a good minute, and she hoped they were already out of sight. 

“They are still there. They are… walking really, really slow - like turtles,” Kaleb said, his hand wrapping around her waist, his eyes pretending to scout the hallway. “Stay still. I got you."

How can she complain? Scarlett did not know what was going on with her but she thought silently, ‘Is it me? Or is it getting hot in here?'


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