Chapter 7: Kaleb Wright

“So, Mister Wright? Will you allow Liam to be friends with Scarlett, despite what you have learned about her?” Boris asked, his brow raised with curiosity.

“With the time I have spent observing her at the restaurant, Boris, I sensed she has a noble character. Maybe she made a mistake. Maybe her mistake was that she tried to fight for her past relationship. We don’t know for sure. Until I get her side of the story, I won’t judge her," Kaleb sighed and suggested.

“Still, a single or a few mistakes do not define us. For those who learn from mistakes, it molds them into a better person.” Kaleb’s eyes narrowed, thinking about the words that Scarlett said in the car.

She mentioned how Luca and Courtney were part of her past that she wished she had never had. He concluded how she regretted whatever happened or regretted getting involved with them.

“I made many mistakes, Boris, but my mother and father never stopped being my parents. If there is some truth, even for a little to the accus

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love it, every chaoter
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Hahahahahaha that little boy is so smart
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