Chapter 8: A Five-Star Hotel Ran Out Of Slippers

Earlier that evening.

“What’s your name, darling? You are beautiful,” said the man who was introduced to Scarlett as Mister Sanders. He was the president of a small enterprise, a group of hardware stores, to be exact.

Scarlett had never served the VIP rooms at the Herbal Twists Restaurant. Management only gave the opportunity to the tenured attendants. She had heard that VIP guests gave a lot of tips. On one occasion, her co-worker was rewarded with two thousand dollars. She never understood how one could give such a generous tip. However, Scarlett also heard stories about how customers were a little too demanding. Thus, she never looked forward to getting those extra tips.

This time, however, she was forced into the situation. A few days ago, she brought Liam home without the approval of her boss. Now, she had to choose between getting fired and serving VIP guests.

“I said! What’s your name?” Mister Sanders repeated, alerting Scarlett completely.

“My name is Scarlett,” she cur

Ladies, 2 chapters a day is my max. I still have a baby, in case you forgot. haha. Sometimes I am late, but I try my best to make it up to you. Here goes Kaleb with his tricks. The next chapter will be around 8 or 9 in the evening, Singapore Time.

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Noralyn Joy Orencio Obrial
Lilhyz, you're indeed an expert in making your readers deeply fall in love with the characters in your story.
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Jae Pickett
Just so love Kaleb and Scarlett! Ur an amazing story teller! So excited for their love story, all three of them ;)!!!
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Jhunfheng Medallon
Love every bit of it...

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