Chapter 9: To Touch Or Not

“Scarlett, I don’t think it’s wise to go to your house. I heard Mister Sanders sent some people to your address. I have your wallet and your phone. We can meet tomorrow and I can give it to you.” A friend of Scarlett's at work said over the phone.

Since she fled the restaurant earlier in a hurry, she left her belongings in her locker. Thankfully, her co-worker was kind enough to take it for her.

“Thank you, Dale. I owe you one. I will contact you again when I collect my things,” Scarlett said before bidding goodbye.

She handed the phone to Kaleb, saying, “Thank you for letting me use your phone.”

“You are welcome, Scarlett,” Kaleb answered. Pointing to the door leading to the bathroom, he suggested, “Take a warm shower so you won’t get sick. I have asked the hotel manager to buy a dress and shoes for you to wear.”

“Okay, thank you, Kaleb. I am so grateful,” she said before seeing the man leave the room.


Two hours later.

Wearing a yellow floral sundress, Scarlett scoute

Thank you, ladies. Sorry, a bit late. The next chapter is tomorrow. The serious talk about her past is next.

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Rhose Sallie
Kaleb your so busted......... i love every chapter
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Sonia Castang
Great I just hope she can continue being a lawyer and take the bar exam. They playing with the wrong people the Wrights
goodnovel comment avatar
Sonia Castang
Hahahahahis Liam goi g to get her a pair of slippers or shoes? OMG he’s going to sell out his dad haaaaaahahahah

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