As soon as she let her feets to get inside that door and heard that door behind her to get shut, her blood turned cold in fear by witnessing those eyes gawking at her, like they were throwing daggers at her with its cunning and evil intensity. 

"Where the hell were you, you abhorrent girl ?" 

Her throat turned dry hearing that raged voice yelling at her. She darted her eyes down at the floor and didn't dare to open her mouth in front of that woman who was her guardian but in real was a living nightmare for her.

"I have asked you something, you deaf. You were suppose to be here before 8 from your work but now it's 9 p. m. . Where the fuck you were ?"

Inessa heard her wrathful words piercing at her which made her try to open her mouth for replying but her mouth got shut hearing another voice.

"She was enjoying and celebrating her birthday with her special ones because I have just seen her getting out from a cab outside the door. " 

She darted her eyes towards the owner of that voice and a shiver ran down her spine by watching her aunt's son getting downstairs with his evil smirk playing on his face, who was nothing less as compared to his mother in cruelty, instead was much more worse human than his mother. 

"Right Inessa, ain't you were celebrating your birthday with your special friends that's why you got a little late ? "

She heard him questioning to her while gazing at her eyes with his cunning and devious gaze. 

"What ? " Her aunt uttered in disbelief which made his son smirk to broaden who was still peering at her. 

"Yes mom, I have just seen our precious Inessa getting out from a cab through the window of my room,"

Inessa's eyes widened realising what he really was trying to do so she immediately looked at her aunt and parted her mouth to speak but badly hissed when she felt a forceful tugging of her hairs.

"You lowlife, I have sent you out for working not for enjoying," Her aunt uttered to her through gritted teeth while pulling her hairs more harshly. 

Inessa's eyes filled with tears feeling that painful sting on her head. She clutched her hairs for trying to part them away from her aggressive hold.

"No.. Aunt Rein... I was.... "

"Shut the fuck up, " Rein roared at her and then harshly shrugged her hairs away from her grip.

Inessa gulped sharply and wiped the tears on her cheeks and hung her head low but she could feel her aunt's burning gaze peering at her which made her petrified. 

"You were supposed to get your monthly remuneration today so, take out the money right now, " 

Inessa heard her aunt snapping at her while extending her palm towards her which made Inessa to heave and then put her palm into her side pocket of her middy. 

She took out all the money she had inside her pocket and handed her every single peny 

Her aunt snatched the money from her hold and then gave it to her son who was silently watching everything with his devilish grin.

"Martin, check it. If she has taken something from it or not ?" 

Inessa's body turned numb hearing her words and by watching Martin taking the money . He started counting it and then Inessa found the evil smirk on his face to turn more demonic and she exactly knew for what reason. 

Martin took his head above from the money and then looked at her horrified hazel orbs and grinned. 

"25 dollars are missing from this, Mom,"He stated which made Inessa's body to tremble in fear by watching Rein to clench her jaw and glared at her.. 

" Where the fuck is the rest of the money, Inessa ?" 

Rein queried her with her clutched teeth ,making Inessa to gulp. 

"Answer me.... "

"I.. I have spent it on the cab fare," She replied stuttering but a terrible yelp escaped from her mouth when she felt Rein to again grabbed her hairs and clutched them vigorously. 

"You bitch, how dare you even think about taking money from it ? " Rein yelled pulling her hairs more violently ,making her to hiss. 

"You've legs to walk then how in hell you dare to book a cab ? " 

Tears rolled down from her eyes, she tried to free her hairs from her grip which angered Rein more who gave her hairs a painful tug which made her to gasp. 

"You abhorrent, seems like you haven't learnt your lesson from what I did to you last time ," 

Inessa's heart beat accelerated in fear at her those words.

"N.. No.. I.. I am sorry.. I won't do it again.. Please.... " She begged to her while falling her tears continuously which made Martin to chuckle.

"Mom, let it be for today because it's her birthday so we can spare her this time," He commented, making more tears to fall from her eyes.

"No, bitches like her really needs to get taught a lesson to make sure they don't forget that how worthless and disgusting are they, " Rein retorted and then forcefully pushed Inessa on the floor which made her to fall on her knees with a loud thud.

"Specially a whore and slut just like her mother, " 

Her tearful hazel eyes snapped towards Rein from the floor which had turned red with anger and pain after hearing her those words .

"Don't you dare to call my mother with these names, " Inessa raised her voice while tightly fisting her palms because she was capable of enduring any pain of this world but not someone to even think about a little wrong towards her late mother.

"You've a problem with me, hurt me , take my life but don't you even think about insulting my mother... I'll..." 

Her words got stucked into her throat where as her upper body got forcefully collided with the floor by feeling that harsh and abrupt slap on her face.

"You will what... You whore ? " Martin groaned , fisting a handful of her hairs and again slapped her already burning cheek. 

"You are characterless and a slut just like how your mother was. Pathetic, downcast woman who used to spread her legs in front of any man for money and your are just like her,"

Her eyes flamed up in tears hearing those venomous words whereas ,she gritted her teeth at him which made him to again pull her hairs forcefully and tugged her face upward to his. 

He gawked at her glossy redden eyes and snapped at her

"And it's your mother's whoreness proof that you at this age doesn't even know the name of your father or who knows, may be fathers..." 

As soon as those words came out from his mouth, she spit on his face and clenched her jaw which made Martin to wipe his face with the back of his sleeve. 

"You fucking slut, " He roared and hardly slapped on her face. She again fall on the floor. 

Blood started oozing from the corner of her lips whereas, her eyes started burning with tears but before she could recover from his that hit, she felt another forceful blow on her another cheek which turned her face numb in pain and then her body to get forcefully snatched from the floor and made her to stand on her legs. 

Inessa,with her half closed eyes looked at a raging Rein who again slapped her and shouted. 

"How dare you spit at my son, you lowlife pathetic bitch ?" 

Rein grabbed her collar and then dragged her petite body towards the door and then opened the door and shoved her out from it, making her to fall on the street. 

"Don't show your ugly face till morning or else I'll kill you right here right now. Now get the fuck out from here," Rein blurted out peering into her watery eyes and then shut the door with a loud thud. 

Inessa gazed at that closed door whereas ,her eyes started paining with the amount of tears she had shedded so she wiped her face but badly hissed when her palm got grazed over the wound on the corner of her lips which was still dripping blood. 

She gently clean it with the sleeve of her middy and then placed her palms over the street and with the support of it, she slowly got up on her feet and softly sighed because what had just happened with her was not something new to her. She was used to that pain from the mere age of 15 and now at the age of 20,she had gotten deprive of the numbness of that pain. 

Inessa again looked at that closed wooden door where she knew she had to return back no matter where she go but for now, she was ready to go where she had forever wanted and needed to be.

She took her steps towards her destination where her 'HEAVEN' was 

And where tonight, she was going to become someone's 'HEAVEN'. 

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