Love Or Life

The loud voice of music was echoing against the walls of the entire place whereas ,the pendant lights chandeliers and many other expensive lights were shimmering in the darkness of that place .

Bodies were shipping against each other and were swaying with the rhythm of the music whereas, their breathing were reeking of alcohol and their eyes were filled with its intoxication.

"So, babygirl, are you enjoying our night...? " 

"More than you can imagine ," The woman replied, who was dancing with her boyfriend ,wrapping her arms around his neck, 

The man's arms were wrapped around his girlfriend's waist, as their bodies were grazing against each other. That couple had come to that bar for enjoying their evening. 

"Then I guess, it becomes your responsibility to give your boyfriend a return gift , " 

A blush crept on that woman's already flushed cheeks, as he whispered those words in her ear and then he buried his face into the crook of her neck and pulled her body more closer to his. 

She pecked his ear and tangled her fingers in his hairs. 

"Don't worry, as soon as we are going to reach our hotel room, I promise I'll reward you with a pleasurable gift, " 

The man softly chuckled hearing his girlfriend's reply and then kissed her neck and then grabbed her hips, which made her to softly gasp.

"Then I guess , we've to left this place soon... " 

"Not a bad idea, " She replied, rubbing herself against his girth ,making him to groan and then slammed his lips against her, which made her to kiss him back. 

Every single person in that place was busy in their own. Dancing, enjoying, drinking , every single thing as the night was proceeding further.

That couple was also enjoying their private moments. They both were sucking each other's mouth while moving their tangled bodies with the rhythm of that slow and sensual song but got halted with the man's phone ring 

They pulled back and the man took out his phone and looked at it. 

"It's from my company's manager. I need to take this, " 

The man stated to which his girlfriend sighed a little disappointed, which didn't go unnoticed by him. So, he gently pecked her lips and gave her a pleading look. 

"Please Alena, it's urgent. I'll be back in a minute, " 

She slightly rolled her eyes at his buttering and then with a smile, nodded at him in agreement, which made him to beam back. 

"I'll be in the corridor, just wait for me here for a minute. Okay love... ?" 

She nodded at him in understanding and then he left that place. 

The woman just stood there, while gazing at the unfamiliar people around her ,who were drowned in their own world . So she waited for her boyfriend to return back but eventually end up gazing at the mesmerizing and enchanting beauty of that bar.

Her eyes in fascination were roaming all over her surrounding, until she felt a vigorous presence behind her and her ear got penetrated with that raspy and ardent voice.

"Did you like it ? " 

She immediately turned around and a shiver ran down her spine when her bewildered eyes fell on those dark and fervid gaze of his ,which was ogling at her with a lecherous smirk on his demeanor face.

Her eyes got stucked into his perfectly sculptured face ,which made his smirk to broaden and the woman completely understood the sinful intentions behind his heavenly face so, she immediately backed away a step from him ,maintaining a safe distance between their bodies and swallowed 

"Sorry but do I know you ? " 

She asked that stranger getting intimidated with his cavernous presence ,which made his grin to turn more smugly.

And that woman's eyes slightly enlarged when she saw him to close that distance between them which she had created ,as he stepped closer to her, crossing the rational distance between their bodies.

"No, you don't," 

Her throat turned more dry hearing his intensely deep voice replying to her . He peered into her eyes with his iniquitous gaze and her body turned numb in fear when he leaned down his face closer to her ear.

His strong manly cologne grazed against her nostrils, which made her almost dizzy with its sharp intensity and his warm breathing ,which was reeking of alcohol and mint fanned over her exposed skin, as he huskily whispered in her ear. 

"But tonight you can ," 

Her blood ran chilled at his those words and realising his immoral intentions for her, which was evident in the way his firm and built-in physic was engulfing over her frozen body . 

"You bastard.What the fuck you're doing with her? " 

She snapped her eyes at her boyfriend, who yelled and  then pulled that stranger's body away from her .She saw him to grab that man's collar ,which made her eyes widened. 

"How dare you to get fucking closer to my girlfriend, you rascal ? " 

Her boyfriend yelled at that man while gritting his teeth at him in anger. The entire surrounding got deprived of any kind of sound and every single pair of eyes darted their attention towards them, which made that woman to panic in fear . 

"I'll kill you, you fucker. "

She heard her boyfriend shouting at that man, which made her afraid knowing now a vulnerable scene was creating in front of so many people, but her eyes got bewildered when she found that man to start chuckling after hearing her boyfriend's words.

" Kill me....? " 

She heard that man's raspy voice uttering with a chuckle to her boyfriend

"I would like to see you try, " 

Everyone gasped hearing his words whereas ,that woman stared at him  horrified . She saw her boyfriend to fume up in anger after hearing that man and then he raised his fist to hit that man, but her heart beat dropped when she saw that man to grab her boyfriend's hand in the middle and a painful groan escaped from his mouth and with a blink of an eye, she found that man to punch so hardly on her boyfriend's face that he fell on the floor with a loud thud.

"Shane! " She screamed in horror and stormed towards her boyfriend and her eyes pricked with tears by watching blood dripping from the corner of his mouth .

But she again felt that warm breathing on her ear . 

"Come with me, " 

She darted her watery eyes upward hearing that voice and its words and clenched her jaw by watching a demonic smirk playing over his evil face . 

She gawked at him and tried to push him away from her forcefully ,but gasped when he grabbed her wrist and abruptly pulled her closer to his hard body . He smirked devilishly while gaping into her glossy eyes.

"Leave me ," She yelled at him while trying to part herself from his grip, but it never loosened. 

Her boyfriend got up and with his trembling legs, again tried to protest against him ,but he again punched on his face vigorously, making a large amount of blood to come out from her boyfriend's mouth.

Everybody gasped whereas, she screamed in agony by watching him. 

"Shane!" She shouted while trying to push that man away from her whose one arm was now wrapped around her waist.

"Let me go, you monster, " She screamed at him ,as tears started falling from her eyes by watching her boyfriend groaning in pain on the ground. 

"Help, please somebody help.... " She begged while staring at all those people ,who were surrounding around them, but nobody even dared to take a single step closer to her, which made her befuddled.

"Nobody is going to help you," 

She snapped her eyes at him after hearing his words and that was where she noticed, that why nobody was even daring to get closer to them . She had seen that man holding a gun ,which made her heart to drop its beating in fear.

And then she felt him freeing from his grip, as he stepped back from her ,but her teary eyes widened in fear when she saw him grabbing her boyfriend's collar and aggressively made him standing on his legs.

Her boyfriend's nose and mouth were bleeding badly ,which clenched her heart. She tried to straddle towards them, but stopped when she saw that man  pointing his gun at her boyfriend's head . Her body frozen

"Please, let us go... Please... " 

She heard her boyfriend's begging voice ,which made her eyes to turn more watery and, him chuckled aloud like a maniac and then threw him on the floor aggressively where two muscular men ,who were fully armed walked towards him and then caged her boyfriend's both arms . 

And then she witnessed those dark eyes to trail at her watery ones again and then he again got closer to her, like a predator to his prey. 

He reached to her and gazed into her eyes with his demonic ones and then slightly bent his face to match her face level.

"Now would you like to come with me on your own ? " 

She gritted her teeth at his shameless words for her ,as her eyes burnt up in tears.

"Never, even in my worst . I love him and I'll give my life before I'll let a monster like you to even touch me.. " 

A hoarse snigger came out from his mouth at her those words whereas, every single person present inside that place felt terrified by watching that human, who had the shadow of a demon, standing in front of them.

"Love ? But do you think your love loves you enough to save you from me ? " 

His question caught her off-guard, which made his eyes to get engulfed with more darkness, as he again grinned at her and spoke 

"Let's find out, how much your love loves you ?" 

She heard him uttering . He turned around and walked towards her caged boyfriend. He stood in front of him and motioned his hand ,which made those armed men to free her boyfriend from their grip and then she saw him again pointing his gun at her boyfriend's head. 

"Do you love her ? " 

She heard him asking to her boyfriend , to which her boyfriend nodded at him ,which made his grin to widen. 

He pressed his gun more against that man named Shane's head ,who swallowed hardly in fear 

"More than your own life ? "

That injured man eyes got enlarged in horror by hearing his vicious words and by watching the sadistic demeanor playing in his dark eyes. 

He pressed the gun more against his temple and bent his face to his face level . And that man , Shane's soul quivered in fear when his terrified eyes got collided with his satanic ones and that deadly smirk flashed on his lips ,which made him to look almost like a living demon in human disguise, as he stated that thing 


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