Wedding Invitation


That man's entire body turned numb at his those words, knowing what exactly he meant by them. 

"Kill your love, right here right now if you want to live your life ? " 

He venomously uttered, extending his gun to that startled man. 

That man eyes got pricked with sharp tears of fear whereas ,his girlfriend looked at him shocked and totally broken after hearing those words of his.

"I am giving you 3 seconds to choose. If you choose your love then she's going to walk out from this place, safe and sound but you will be dead ,but if you choose your life ,then you have to take her life and then you're going to be out of this place instead of her, " 

Every single person looked at him totally befuddled after hearing him 

"So choose because if you didn't... " He spoke and then pressed the gun again on his head. 

"In the 4th second, I'll take both of your lives and then you both can love each other forever ,but not in this life. "

He hoarsely chuckled and then loaded his gun whereas ,the couple stared at him like statues 

"So choose.....Love or Life....? " 

He uttered and trailed his eyes at that woman ,who was gazing at her boyfriend and was shedding her tears, which made him to grin more smugly. 

"Three.... " 

The man got petrified at his countdown, cold sweat formed on his forehead in fear .. 


He shut his eyes tightly and fisted his palms ,feeling him again pointing his gun at him and heard that man touching the trigger. 

"O.... "

"Life.... " 

He removed his finger away from the trigger after hearing his answer and then gazed at that woman, whose eyes turned red with tears after hearing her boyfriend's words. 

"So , you choose your life... Hmmm...? Much needed choice.... " He stated sarcastically and then extended the gun to him again. 

"So, now end your love... " 

That man swallowed hardly and then with his quivering hands, took the gun from his hand and then glanced at his girlfriend, who was already looking at him completely shattered and in pain.. 

Her face had turned red with her warm tears, as she saw her boyfriend, the person she used to consider her love, whom she had loved with her everything ,pointing the gun at her to take her life. 

Her love choose to end her for saving his own life.

Her glossy eyes which were shedding tears silently, just wordlessly gazed at that man, who was about to kill her and she wasn't capable of doing anything . Nothing to save her life from her love... 

Her boyfriend slowly took his watery eyes upward at her, which were filled fear for his own life instead of her and then she witnessed him to put his finger on the trigger ,which made her to close her eyes and just waited for her end to take over her. 

And as soon as her lashes touched her cheeks, her ear heard that loud banging sound of gun shooting ,which made some people to gasp and some to scream ,but her eyes opened again when she heard that painful groaning and her body didn't feel any pain as she had expected . 

And her eyes got bewildered in fear whereas, her soul shivered inside her body when she saw her boyfriend  falling on the ground , who was clutching his chest from where extreme amount of blood was oozing, which drenched the floor, his clothes and hands with it . 

She ran towards him and then bursted out in tears . She got on her knees by watching him taking the last breath of his life.

"Shane, oh my, Please keep your eyes open.... " She begged him while falling her tears ,but her body turned numb when she saw him to take a long breath and then closed his eyes forever ,as his body turned lifeless. 

She peered at his numb body totally frozen and then she heard those foot steps getting closer to her direction again. 

She slowly averted her glossy eyes upward and then witnessed that cavernous gaze staring at her with nothing in them, no remorse that he had just taken a human's life with his own hands. 

Her eyes bored deeper into his with anger pain, but most importantly a question that why he killed him when her boyfriend was about to do what he had told him to do ,which was reflecting in her teary eyes. . 

She felt him getting closer to her by bending his head to her face. His demonic dark eyes penetrated her gaze, as his warm breathing brushed against her face 

"And that was the love of your life who wasn't even capable of choosing his love above his life," 

She heard him whispering to her in his raspy voice where as his those words got painfully stabbed inside her heart because it was true... Might be the most ruthless and cruel way to find out but that was the truth, her love had choosen his life above her.. 

Silent tears streamed down from her cheeks but her body got shrugged when she felt him gently grazing his index finger over her cheek and took her tear drop in the tip of his finger and then a blood freezing smirk crept on his face by watching her tear on his finger .

He darted his eyes at her and leaned nearer her ear ,where he tenderly breathed out his sharp words.. 

"Love Your Love, The Way You're Insane For Your Life... "

That woman's blood drenched from her body processing his those words and then she found him to lean back and gazed into her eyes ,which made her soul to tremble in sheer amount of fear by watching the insanity engulfing into his already sadistic eyes.. 

"You're free to live your life, now... "

She listened to him uttering to her and then he stood up in his feet and turned around and walked out from that place like nothing happened , like he had just not taken a life, but wrecked and ruined her entire existence in a split second. 

Her glossy eyes continued to stare at his disappearing figure ,but her ears caught those words of the people around her.

"Who was he? " 



"You were not supposed to go out in this condition of yours , "

The red liquor burnt his throat, as he gulped it down whereas ,his lips stretched in amusement at those words ,making the person frowned , who had aid them.

"Your body wounds are still need to get recovered, Sinister . You've just gotten out from your surgery a day ago, " 

"Calm down , Elijah. He's completely fine, " 

Another voice joined in the conversation ,which made Elijah to scoff and his grin to enlarge.

"But Cyrus, he has just made a public appearance on that club where he killed that random stranger in front of so many people, " 

That man named, Cyrus sighed heavily hearing the other man Elijah. Cyrus sat beside Sinister, who still didn't utter a single word ,but was just gazing at his palm and was sipping his liquor. 

"Don't worry about that .Ace and Zane have already taken care of that matter and have already make sure that nobody dares to become a witness of it and that man's body is also taken care of," 

"But was it necessary to kill him ? " 

Elijah questioned, to which Cyrus parted his lips to answer, but stopped. 

"It was.... " 

Both the men got shut hearing that raspy reply . He placed his glass down on the table ,which was in front of him and then trailed his cavernous eyes at Elijah. 

"He chose his life over his love so ,I guess his life had deserved to get ended , "

Elijah got stunned at his reply ,which made Sinister to smirk . He got up on his feet and then shoved his hands inside his pocket. 

"And besides this, that girl also needed to know that how much her love loves her, " 

"But Sinister, there's not always a comparison between love or life,"

Elijah retorted back, disappointed but not surprised. 

"Exactly, there should not be any comparison between love or life ," Sinister snapped back at him with his gloomy gaze. 

"Because if someone claims to love someone then they should love their love more than their life, but nobody is capable of it... " 

Sinister spoke in his groaning voice whereas ,Elijah could clearly sense now he was testing his endurance, which was evident in the deadliness of his soulless stare. 

"Because every single fucking person loves their life more than anything and anyone . " 

Cyrus, who was sitting on the sofa, just silently heard his every word. 

"But Sinister .. "

"Let it be for now, Elijah . " Cyrus spoke ,halting Elijah ,as he could see Sinister's wrath had started consuming over him ,which could result in so many ruinous outcomes.

He, on the other hand exhaled sharply for stirring himself down and then clutched his one palm tightly ,which didn't go unnoticed by Cyrus, whose brows knitted in confusion when he witnessed him holding something in between his fists.. 

But before he could further queried, a voice spoke grabbing everyone's attention towards it.. 

"Sinister! " Ace uttered entering into the hall followed by another man, Zane. They both were also his men. 

"What happened, Ace? "Elijah asked by gazing at both Zane and Ace. 

"That fucker , Mathew and his gang, who tried to kill Sinister that night nearer that graveyard has arrived here in Veracruz," 

His inky eyes turned venomous by processing those words of Ace. 

"But why he's here all of a sudden ? "Cyrus asked gazing at Ace.. 

"For celebrating his wedding reception.... "Zane replied ,making both Cyrus and Elijah frowned. 

" What? But isn't he has a wife already and now he got married again.. ?" Elijah blurted out in disbelief ,making Ace to nod. 

"Yes that bastard again got married a couple of days ago and on an above, a girl who is not even half of his age, " 

Elijah gasped at Ace's words. 

"And he's throwing his wedding reception tomorrow at one of Sinister's resort.. " 

Sinister gritted his teeth ,as his jaw got clenched hearing Zane's words. 

"And not just only this... " Zane spoke and then raised his palm where he clutched a black square shaped card. 

"He has also send the invitation card for all of us in the name of Sinister. " 

"The audacity of that fucker.... " Cyrus uttered through tightened teeth, but before he could speak out further. 

"Then I think, I should give him my greetings for his newly wedded life.. " 

Every single man present inside that place became silent after they heard that husky voice stating . He walked towards Zane and then grabbed that card from Zane's hands. 

His ardent gaze gazed at that card in amazement and then he opened that card. His firm eyes roamed over each and every word ,which was written on that card ,but finally halted on those black bold letters, which made a ruthless grin to appear on his face.

In Occasion of Wedding reception of

Mathew Lorenzo



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