107 Seconds

Every single thing around her turned blurry and at that moment her entire being just gazed at him with the only question in her heart that how he had her pendant with him ? That question made her bewildered ,that how it was possible for that stranger to have her most closest belonging ,but then her heart recalled something ...that night in the graveyard , when she had lost it, that night when she felt so much peace for the first time in her life , that night which made her aching pain to get calmed and that same exact night, when she felt that presence with her where she didn't feel all alone for the first time in her life after she had lost her mother.

Those blood stains on her clothes was his. He was there with her. She wasn't all alone. He had seen her in her most vulnerable state, that state which she was hiding from the entire world because that vulnerable state of her was going to make the world around her to call her an insane, which she didn't want, but he had already seen he
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