Inessa unlatched her lashes, which made her drowsy vision to come in contact with the blurry ceiling above her. She rubbed her palm over her eyes and as soon as her gaze became clear, her hazel eyes turned widened and bewildered by watching that grey ceiling above her and then she noticed, she was laying over a soft mattress of a bed whereas, her body was covered with a warm and cosy white duvet .

She immediately got up and roamed her eyes around her entire surrounding ,which made her breathing to halt in fear and panic by watching herself in that totally unfamiliar place. The entire room had a beautiful and classic decor of grey and white . Every single thing in that room was looking magnificent ,which made her more afraid that where she was and why.

And as soon as those questions stroke her mind, she recalled what had happened before she fainted. Gun shots, people's screams, begging, Mathew's lifeless body and then those darken eyes of his, that man who had her pendant, that man wh
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