To Hurt You

Those dusky eyes were gazing straight at her beige hazel ones, which now had filled with more tears by watching that person in front of her.

He came more forward to her and then stood in the middle of the rest of the 6 men, who were also staring at her ,but now more alerted, as she had that gun pointing directly at him.

And then Inessa witnessed the rest of the 6 men to again trying to raise their gun at her ,but this time they stopped and Inessa's heart shrugged in fear by witnessing the reason behind it. That man in the middle ,who had just raised his hand in denial of the action of the rest of the men.

And none of the men dared to defy his gesture ,which made her petrified . She held the gun with her both hands, which now started quivering in fear because she was holding that venomous thing for the first time in her life and had found herself in a situation like that for the first time too.

Because she had always faced problems and pains which had hurted her body, but this time
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