His Fear

Her heart was throbbing inside her chest in a terrifying rate. Her hands continued slamming against his hardened chest, as she continuously hitted him for trying to part herself away from his embrace, but nothing worked and with his each growing step closer to that room, Inessa felt like her eyes started to fill with more tears and, fear started engulfing her more vigorously ,thinking about the worst possible outcomes that he was going to do with her.

"Let me go... Leave me.... " She shouted at him while tearing up more badly and constantly protested into his arms with every inch of her strength, but her each and every effort got into vain, as his body didn't even flinch slightly against her struggles and he continued to do his work of walking towards that room while carrying her in his embrace.

Tears stained her already wet cheeks. Her cries and struggle turned more abrupt. She fought against him with every ounce of her strength, but not only just his firm and muscular body which sh
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