A Hell

Her lashes got slowly opened . Her beige hazel eyes came in contact with the white marble ceiling above her ,which made her to got up immediately. She was laying on a bed. She roamed her gaze everywhere and found herself in a totally different and an unknown place which terrified her.

She immediately shrugged away the black duvet from her body and then tried to get up but got halted in her action

"You're up, "

Inessa trailed her eyes towards the owner of that voice and saw Emily standing there at the door. She took her steps inside towards Inessa and then sat beside her.

"How are you feeli... "

"Where I am? "

Inessa questioned her straightforwardly by cutting her words. Emily sealed her lips after hearing her that question and then softly sighed which made the fear inside Inessa's heart to turn terrible.

"Where I am? Where you all have taken me? "

She asked again, this time raising her voice a little more where as tears started pricking into her eyes again because that was too m
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