No One

"So now, accept me as your fate or else, I'll ruin and wreck every inch of your fate, "

She wordlessly heard his each and every word which started penetrating deeper inside her heart so painfully that she felt like her body got deprive of every sensation. She stood there on his arms like a lifeless body, who even forgot to blink her lashes which were continuously getting drenched with her unstoppable tears.

And his lips delicately devoured her tears like they were the most delicious thing for his tongue to taste. He wrapped his one arm around her waist with such an intensity that, it was neither hurting her nor was comforting her, in any way.

Until she found him to tenderly remove her hairs from her shoulder and his mouth went towards her neck where he put a soft and gentle kiss like he had just not destroyed her entire entity with his sharp and venomous tongue.

Inessa like a statue stood on her ground and let his mouth to gently devour her skin the way he was desiring because sh
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