Her Tears

"Because I Am An, INSANE FOR YOU, "

Those treacherous words of his made her to feel like someone had snatched away her soul out from her body mercilessly. Her heart beat completely dropped when she felt his warm lips crashing against her trembling one in a predacious manner ,but a terrible gasp escaped from her mouth against his lips when she felt that painful sting in her lower region of getting penetrated with something for the first time in her life.

Inessa loudly yelped into his mouth in extreme amount of pain, her palm automatically made its way towards his hand which had caused her that blood drenching pain . She clutched his wrist tightly in anticipation so that she could stop his finger from proceeding further inside her untouched core.

And as soon as he heard her hurtful hiss and her action of denial which she did by holding his wrist, he stopped every movement of his palm which was inside her panties. He took out his hand from her panties and slowly detached his mouth from
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