"What you know about his past is the half side of the story which has made him Sinister but let me tell you that part which had turned Izan into Sinister, "

Her eyes widened in extreme amount of shock hearing Cyrus.

"What? " She asked, completely startled by his words which made him to sigh and then gazed into her bewildered eyes.

"Yes . Izan, a name which his parents had given to their son, "

Her gaze filled with more confusion processing his answer.

"But isn't it his middle name? "

"No, Izan is his real name which his mother had given to him at the time of his birth but the day his mother died , that name's real existence died with her, " He replied, still looking into her untidy hazel orbs.

"I know you must be thinking that why I am telling you all of this ,all of a sudden and specially now, "

Inessa wordlessly heard his each and every word.

"Because I don't want his past to repeat itself again . I don't want his love to get apart from him again and then made him again lif
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