Ecstasy Land: The Billionaire's Illicit Desire
Ecstasy Land: The Billionaire's Illicit Desire
Author: Rei Parker

Chapter 1

"Snow, you still have time to change your mind." Quinn kept convincing me that we should go home. As if it was not too late; we finally arrived and she agreed to this plan. I couldn't understand why suddenly she had the gut to feel bad.

"Quinn, look at where we are." I looked around as fresh air massaged my face with the trees dancing around and the ocean far away from us waving. "We already arrived at the island. Now is not the time to cancel any plans. Besides, I'm far from sure that I wanna do this; I need this, Quinn." We were walking towards our private room and I couldn't help but be amazed at the people passing by us, especially men. I already went here once and God forgives me for almost drooling at every man I had a conversation with.

"But what if Clay--"

"Please don't mention him." I puffed a breath. "Never mention that guy for God's sake." I rolled my eyes as I flipped my hair.

I was here to have fun and forget my life outside The Ecstasy Land. People go here to forget their misery and have a new identity to satisfy their desires at least for a very short time. I wasn't here to cry over my miserable life, I went here to have fun.

"I'm sorry, Snow but I can't stop thinking about the fact that you're married---"

"Oh please, Quinn." I faced her as my eyes were pleasing her to just let me be. "Stop it, okay? For once I wanted to be happy, am I not allowed to feel that?" My heart pinched.

She looked away as she took a deep breath. "Fine, but you do know that every decision has consequences?"

"I'm fully aware." I smiled slightly. As if I cared for the consequences. My life was already ruined. I was already damaged.

She handed me the condoms she got from the reception. Funny thing, the island used condoms and lubricants as a welcome gift for their visitors and their visitors weren't only a person living down the street; all members here were bachelors, billionaires, CEOs, you name it.

"I don't need that." I looked at the lubricant she was handing me.

She chuckled. "Confident huh?"

"I just know how to manage." I shrugged.

Her smile disappeared as if she suddenly remembered our miserable life outside, my miserable life.

"You sure about this, Snow?" She asked God knows how many times.

I held both of her shoulders. "More than sure, Quinn."

"Seems like no one can change your mind." She pinched my waist. "I'll just let you be. Do whatever you want but please think about the consequences, Snow."

"You said that a hundred times." I laughed as I shook my head.

"I'm just reminding you!" She puffed a breath. "Why did I even let you have a VIP membership," she said as if she was regretting that she helped me to have a membership on this secluded, exclusive island. Thanks for her money and connections.

"Because we're friends, and friends help each other." I chuckled as I pinched her waist.

We continued walking until we reached the island's hotel. We went to the elevator and all the quietness sent me questioning my decisions. I looked at Quinn with a smile, hiding my nervousness as we wait for the elevator to stop on our floor.

This is a sin; what I was about to do was a sin but I couldn't stop myself. Besides, I didn't choose my life. I never had the chance to decide what was best for me. They made me the woman I was today.

Clayton never loved me. We were tied up together for the money, for our family's fucking reputation. I never feel loved and the only thing that made me alive was once I was here enjoying myself and being who I was.

Here, I could be myself. I could be whoever I wanted to be; on this island, my desires were being fulfilled, and my deepest fantasies were acknowledged. I may be sinful but it makes me alive rather than staying with Clayton who only makes me feel like I was a worthless piece of shit, like I was just born so my parents could use me for their bullshit businesses.

"This is your room." Quinn woke my senses as we stopped in front of a silver door.

"Where's yours?"

She pointed to the door next to mine.

"Lower your voice when your moaning then, I might hear you," I joked.

"Oh come on, you moan louder than me."

We both laughed as we shook our heads with our silly conversation until the laughs faded and her eyes looked worried again.

"Snow, what will you do if your husb--"

"Let's rest for a while, Quinn. We need to be pretty fabulous later at night." I entered my room before she could even say anything I never wanted to hear.

I smiled before closing my door to have a little privacy myself. I slid my suitcase beside the coffee table before throwing my body on the bed. I stared at the ceiling for a moment, double thinking whether to continue my plan or to just let the night off.

I was here. There was no point in changing the plan, besides, Clayton never really cared about me. Hell who knows maybe he was banging another woman behind my back. Fuck him and fuck our life. I wanted to feel free and in here, I must free myself. I should be the happiest woman alive in here. This was once in a million times so I must conquer and enjoy the whole stay.

"Only one week." I puffed a breath. I felt like seven days wasn't enough.

I shrugged and took a quick shower. If seven days wasn't enough then I need to treasure every second. After a quick routine of making myself smells like a strawberry yet leaning on a matured scent, I put light make-up on my face plus eyeliner to lift my eyes. I wore my nude bikini plus black linen above the knee dress to cover up my body since I wasn't planning to swim. I put highlights on my cleavage. I smiled as it looks blinding in the mirror.

"Perfect," I whispered as I was preparing myself to forget who I was outside the Island and be who I wanna be here in The Ecstasy Land.

I knocked on Quinn's door to inform her that I was gonna go for a walk. She reminded me again about my decisions so I just shrugged and started walking outside the hotel.

I smiled as I stepped foot on the sand. My feet brought me to the seashore and the wind massaging my face felt so good. The sun was about to set so it wasn't that firing anymore. The ambience sent a relaxing tingle on my nerves.

I was appreciating the beauty of nature when my eyes froze at the man who was walking from the deep ocean toward me. Everything turned in slow motion. I gulped as he waved his dark hair while water was dripping on his shoulder down to his firm abs to his v-line.

I licked my lower lip. "Fuck," I whispered as I almost drooled from the man's strong presence despite him being far away from me though he was walking in my direction which made my legs tremble. He was looking back at me, straight into my eyes as if he was examining my existence. His dark eyes were a magnet, hella captivating.

He combed his wet hair with his fingers; his biceps showed and I couldn't even feel my throat anymore. It was dry as if my body was out of water. It was shameful to look at someone for longer but I couldn't stop myself. His body was worth admiring.

I froze harder when he stopped right in front of me. I looked up to see his face and fuck, I felt like I was in heaven. God, if this was a dream, don't let anyone wake me up.

He was fucking gorgeous. I was even out of words to describe how handsome he was. I went here before but I never met a man this good looking. I gulped again as I finally saw his abs and v-line in a closer look. I felt like I was just looking at a painting or a perfect sculpture in a museum.

I wasn't that sex fanatic but Goddamnit, his presence was activating my wild thoughts.

"What can I do for you?" His voice was seductive.

I cleared my throat. "Excuse me?"

"I'm Ezra." He offered his hand.

I froze staring at his big hands. I then looked at him when I failed to mutter a word.

"I bet you wanted to ask." He shrugged with a smirk.

"Your bet was wrong, but I'm Snow." My body tingled when I touched his hand. I gulped as I felt the electricity travelled through my nerves.

"Snow." He smiled. "Are you with someone, Snow?"

"As you can see."


My chest crumpled as I shook my head.

"Into flirting?"

"Depends." I felt nervous remembering my life outside the island. I shrugged it off.

"Will you flirt with me?"

"Will I?" I acted like I'm asking myself.

I never thought a chuckle would sound so hot. Everything about him was intense and it was burning my body with a good feeling.

"You will." He smirked. "Member or invited by someone?"

"Member. Why do you care?"

He shrugged. "That's odd. Who's your connection?"

"Quinn Anika Stone."

He nodded. "I see. First time here?"

I nodded. I didn't wanna spoil him about me so I lied. This was my second time.

"Lucky you bumped into me. I can make your first visit the happiest." He playfully smiled. "Welcome to Ecstasy Land. Ezra Masterson."

"You said your name twice."

"Just in case you wanna know my last name."

"Who cares about your last name." I shrugged. "But I will have dinner with you."

He smiled in amusement as if he didn't see my lines coming. Well, I was here to enjoy so fuck this; I would grab every opportunity.

"That's quick." He smirked, still amused.

"I bet you wanted to ask."

"Your bet was wrong but sure, I would love to have dinner with you." His eyes went deeper into mine as if he was memorising every feature of my face. "Only if we'd have our dessert in my bed."

"I'm your dessert?"

"I didn't say that." His amused face was melting me. "But sure. I would love to."

I gulped. "I'm just asking."

"I bet." He shrugged. "So can you be my dessert?"

My lips parted. He was straight forward and I was losing my breath. Damint.

I pulled myself together. "I guess?"

The last man I met here last year was a shy guy. We didn't even have sex because he was too anxious to eat me. We only went to third base so if Ezra was gonna have me for dessert, it would be my first time to fuck a completely total stranger, take note that I only had sex with one man and I didn't even love it; Clayton was the only man who explored me completely and I hated that because I hate him. So maybe Ezra could make me the happiest, sex without hate, nothing at all since we were strangers to each other.

Plus, Ezra's body, his smile, his eyes, everything about him made me so eager to dig into him. Part of me was curious about who he was, somehow, I wanted not only to fuck him but also to know him. My life was already destroyed so a little damage wouldn't matter.


"Let's go to my cabin, get to know each other before dinner; what do you think?"

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