Chapter 2

"I'd love to." I hid my nervousness behind my sweet smile.

He smiled back and grabbed my hand as he intertwined it with his. My lips parted with the electricity he brought to my nerves.

"I hope you don't mind." He was looking at our hands.

"Why would I?" Thank God I didn't stutter. I was fucking nervous and uncomfortable, at the same time I was liking his filthy, playful, straightforward act.

We walked toward his cabin with our hands intertwined. I couldn't help but hide my smile. Clayton never held my hand in public, well we didn't care about each other so yep, no reasons to.

When we arrived at his Cabin, I sat on the sofa and looked around the marble walls. His cabin was pretty big; he must be a VIP.

"I didn't give you the permission to sit on my sofa." He frowned.

My brows crossed in confusion. "Excuse me? You invited---"

"But I'm giving you the permission to lay on my bed." His voice sounded alluring.

I gulped. He was giving tension to my organs. I glanced at his queen-sized bed with white sheets.

"Don't worry, I don't bite." He smirked.

"You look like someone who bites though."

"I can if you like it wild and dirty."

I looked away. His stares were seriously breathtaking, even his smile. I massaged my leg. His cabin was cold but I could feel the warmth of my body punching me out of nervousness. I licked my lower lip.

"Wrong move, lady." He was staring at me intently.

My brows crossed. I didn't even move.

"What did I do?"

"You lick your lower lip. Is it dry? I could lick it for you."

I looked away. I couldn't stand the way he was looking at me as if he was gonna eat me alive. His stares were intense like a fierce model on a magazine.

"I take silence as a yes. Is that a yes?"

"Yes. I mean... No... no I mean... you can lick it but only after dinner." I swallowed even if I couldn't feel any wetness on my lips. "Dessert, remember?" I massaged my leg.

He smirked and didn't bother to talk for a minute. He just stared at me. I looked at the wall, trying to pull myself together. A man never caught my breath away. Who was he to do that?

"You look uncomfortable. Does my presence bother you that much?" He broke the silence.

"You don't bother me." I raised my chin, acting confident.

He leaned toward me, my body hair froze as his face went closer to mine. I fought back his stares, pretending that I wasn't affected by his dark tantalising eyes. His eyes looked down at my lips; I gulped.

"Snow..." I could almost eat his breath; I could feel it from my nose down to my lips.

"Yes..." I managed to speak with my trembling legs.

"You'll be mine this evening. No one owns you but me and only me. I will bring you to heaven with your secret fantasies. How do you like that?"

I slightly moved my face away but he just leaned more. My eyes wanted to drop together with my lips.

"I like actions more than words." I hid my nervousness using my fake confidence.

He smirked before standing up properly. I finally released the breath I was holding when he was too near.

"My actions are more irresistible than my words so..." He shrugged.

"Hmm..." I lost words! "Can I go to the bathroom?"

"With me?"


He laughed. "Sure, lady. This way." His hand gestures the way to his bathroom.

I stood and quickly walked toward there. I bumped my back at the door when I closed the restroom. I took a deep breath and released all the burning sensation that touched my body. I held my chest as my heart was beating like a horse fighting to win.

That man, he was unreal. I never met a guy like him; a hot, alluring man with humour and a little bit of gentleness. It was like he was the epitome of perfection.

Somehow I felt like I was gonna regret that I accepted his offer for dinner. Thinking that our conversation wasn't gonna last long and it will soon end, it was... I didn't know, kinda disappointing. Like, he was the type of guy that I wanted to get to know deeply but I couldn't because here, I was a different person, I couldn't share with him who I was for real. That would be so fuck up.

I pulled myself together before going out to the restroom. My sight went straight at him, capturing my heart with his black button-down polo. His firm chest almost drool me as the first three buttons of his top were open. She got good taste, I could say that.

"You like the view?" He smirked before combing his messy hair with his fingers.

"I like it better when you're topless." I shrugged, pretending I wasn't tense at all.

"Chill lady." He laughed. "Dinner first before dessert, remember?"

"I know. Let's go have dinner then." I walked outside his cabin with my eyes connected to him as I passed by him.

I was about to step outside the door when he grabbed my hand, intertwining it with his. "You should wait for my hand, Snow. My dates always hold my hand when walking."

I didn't matter a word as my throat felt dry again. I just walk with him until we stopped in front of a golf cart.

I glanced at him. "This is yours?"

"I think so."

My mouth formed an 'o'. He must be a very big-time member here.

"Hop in, Snow." He turned around to hop on the side of the steering wheel.

He glanced at me and smile before driving towards the nearest restaurant. He held my hand until we got inside; the ambience sent relaxation to me. The smell was sending a vibe of Italian food. I looked at our hands intertwined together then I looked at the waiter he was talking to. We looked like we were in a relationship. I looked better with him than with Clay.

He pulled a chair for me. I smiled before sitting then he sat right beside me. A waiter caters for us and lists our orders. I looked around after the waiter disappeared. I massaged my leg under the table as my body was shivering for unknown reasons. I felt warm inside me like I was in a relaxing jacuzzi.

"You're nervous. Calm down." Ezra laughed.

I glared at her. "What made you think that?"

"You look tense." His eyes were digging mine until he glanced at my lips; he smiled playfully.

"Do I?" I tried to be sarcastic.

"You do. It turns me on."

Stones struck my throat. He caught me off guard again. I grabbed the glass of water and sipped.

"Fucking gorgeous. I can't wait for the dessert." He chuckled with his amused face.

I puffed a breath after drinking. I caught his eyes staring at me intently as if he had never seen a woman like me. I failed to mutter a word as my heart was pumping louder, I couldn't think right.

"How often do you take dessert with a woman?"

"Not often." His eyes stared deeper and I was trying to manage it. It was like there was electricity connecting our eyes.

"I doubt that. You seem so expert when you picked me up awhile ago."

"Did I pick you up?" He put his elbow on the table as his palm touched his defined jaw. His silver Rolex looked good on him.

"Didn't you?" I frowned.

"No. I didn't. I asked you for a date."

"This is dating?" I gulped.

He shrugged.

"So you date different women every day?"

"No. Just you."

"Are you trying to impress me?" My lips parted as my brows crossed.

"No. I'm trying to be honest. Don't you want an honest man?"

"This is a date?" I was still confused. I just wanted to flirt, not date. I couldn't date. I wasn't allowed to, but I couldn't even resist him. He was freaking irresistible.

"Let's just call it a dinner, if you're more comfortable at it." He was still smirking, looking amused at my reaction.

"A date, it is." I nodded. I pinched my leg for what I said. My head was spinning and I didn't want to decline him.

He smiled wider. "So do you feel me?"

"What?" My mind was still confused.

"I can't wait for the dessert, can you?"

"I'm looking forward." I gulped. My decision was final. Nothing could stop me now. At least once, I wanted to choose my happiness over others. Besides, who knows what Clayton was doing. He must be doing worst than me.

"Let's start then, shall we?"

My brows crossed, but the food wasn't served yet. I flinched when his warm hand touched my leg. Electricity travelled through my body as it shivered the whole me.

"Ezra, what are you doing?" I whispered while my body was so stiff. I couldn't even look at him properly. His big hand felt good on my skin.

"Chill, no one would see us."

Our table was at the most corner and the table cloth was long enough to reach the floor so our legs were safely covered. No one could see us, that's for sure.

"Ezra!" My body was tingling as he slid his hand up and down my skin like he was attracting the hell out of me. My legs wanted to curl up with the warm sensation he was giving me.

"You said you can't wait." He was looking at me like he was ready to eat me. His deep stares were stealing my breath. "We can do it here and no one would care."

"But we're still having dinn--"

"It can wait." He cut me off as he glides his hand to my leg, almost reaching my panty. "I can't; you also can't."

I puffed a deep breath when his fingers touched the tip of my panty. I bit my lower lip, stopping myself to moan from the sensation he was giving me.

He was about to insert his finger inside my panty when I held her hand.

"Dessert, remember..." It was almost a breath when he still moved his finger.

"You can't wait, remember?" He gently removed my hand from his before he continued massaging my legs. My face heated as I sighed deeply. I bit my lower lip and awkwardly smiled when some of the people looked at me. Was my breath that loud to notice?

"I'm willing to wait..." I flinched with the tingling sensation his touch was sending to my body. "Ezra..." I looked straight into her eyes but I couldn't even say the word 'stop'. His pleasure was damn hard to resist.

He rubbed his finger through my panty; my clitoris could feel the warmth of his hand underneath.

I could feel my panty being wet. I wanted to look up and moan but I was suppressing it. I looked around. I couldn't bear other people to see me moaning.

"My name on your voice is turning me on, say it again."

I bit my lower lip. I couldn't mutter any word. I knew once I tried, it would just sound like a moan.

I almost lost my breath when he successfully insert his finger under my panty. I gripped my hand on the side of my chair when his long, warm finger massaged my wetness. I tried to keep my legs close so he couldn't play with my womanhood at a restaurant but he still managed to insert his finger inside me. I almost moan, my lower lip could bleed from how hard I was biting it.

I could feel my cheeks heating as if I was about to explode out of embarrassment. I was soaking wet down there and he could feel it. He was playing with it and he was enjoying it. His eyes were stilled on mine while he was smiling with amusement.

"E-Ezra... don't--"

"--stop?" He cut me off with a playful smirk.

I squeezed my eyes close. Why was he so tempting? I couldn't resist!

I was out of breath but I kept on exhaling. His middle finger continued to explore my womanhood, playing with the folds along my clit.

My lips formed an 'o'. I took a deep breath but I lost it when he covered my mouth with his soft, warm lips. I didn't have the chance to move away as his kiss was hard and rough; my tongue welcomed his. I was breathing heavily while his kiss was moving deeper and harder.

He pulled away from the kiss but his nose was still touching mine while his magnetic eyes were melting my defences.

"You're the sweetest dessert I've ever tasted and we're not even done yet." He smirked.

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