Chapter 5

I was stunned, staring into his eyes. He could kill for me? Boyfriend? Where did he get that idea? His body built looks like someone who could torture anyone but I doubt he'd do that for a woman. My heart was drumming loudly. I was anxious he could feel it. Our chest was touching each other while our arms were still wrapped around each other's body

I blinked a couple of times when he laughed so hard.

"Chill! I was just joking." 

I punched his chest. He grabbed my fist as he pulled me closer to him, hugging me tighter.

"Asshole," I whispered sarcastically.

"Do I look like someone who kills?"

I stared on his sandbar eyes. It was hella captivating. He was like a predator that could easily catch his prey. 

"Might be." I shrugged. "Serial killers are charismatic."

"I'm charismatic, huh." He smirked as he wiped his thumb on my lips. 

I gulped, my throat felt dry. "As if it's your first time getting that word." 

"It's the first time I heard it from you. It sounded a lot better from your voice."

I chuckled. "I'm slowly starting to think that you're getting obsessed with me." 

"Is that bad?"

I froze. Suddenly, I felt like I was laying on a stone and my pillow was a spine, hurting my head. There was a thunderstorm going on in my chest.

"You should just deny that you're obsessed with me." I tried to make fun of it.

"I don't deny the truth, Snow."

I gulped, I could feel how my chest was sipping the water out of my throat that it became dry as fuck. 

"You know that what's on this island, stays on this island, right?" My voice was so low; I could barely talk.

He laughed. "You're full of mystery, Snow. Aren't you?"

"Don't you like that?"

"I'm obsessed with mysteries." He closed his eyes like a baby trying to sleep. He looks softer when his almond eyes were closed.

I didn't utter a word; I couldn't. I felt like my voice was gonna break if I speak again. Besides, I didn't know what to say. My heart was pinching my chest as my reality outside this paradise was hunting me. 

I just stared at him while his eyes were peacefully closed. He might still be tired. We slept late yesterday. My eyes looked down at his reddish kinda parted lips. Even with just a gaze, I could feel the softness and tenderness of its touch. His messy hair made him look like an unbothered big gorgeous man like he didn't get his life all figured out but hey, he was smart enough to survive every single day with a playful smile. 

"Calm down, lady. I can feel your stares."

I looked away. "Excuse me? I'm not staring with you."

"Why do ladies love denying the facts?"

I looked at him and he was already looking at me like I was a book he was trying to memorize. His stare was real deep; it was making me conscious but I acted like it was nothing.

"And so do gentlemen. Don't generalise." I rolled my eyes.

"Yep. But you were staring at me, right?"

"So? Is that a big deal?"

His eyes shined in amusement. "The fact that you denied it first, yes it is."

"Whatever!" I pushed his chest before I stood out of the bed.

"Where are you going?" He sat.

"I'm going to have a real breakfast. Wanna come?"

"Breakfast date." He smirked. "I would never resist, but what's for dessert?" His eyes were devious like there was something dirty on his mind.

I grabbed a pillow and threw it on his face. "Why do you have to make everything sexual?"

"Cause everything is---"

"Alright. I shouldn't have asked that." I laughed as I shook my head. "I'm gonna wait outside." I walked towards the exit of his cabin. I was pretty hungry so I wanted to eat something decent.

I stood beside his golf cart as I watched the trees dance with the air. It was eight a.m or something but thank God, the sun here wasn't that hot and burning. The island itself was cozy and comfortable. The wind felt cold on my body which I like. From his cabin, the beachfront was so close, that I could see the people playing on the seashore, resting on the sand chair, some were playing beach volleyball while the blue sea was peacefully waving. The location of his cabin was so perfect. Someday I planned to buy my own. In the meantime, staying at the island's hotel was much more practical for me.

"Thinking about me?" 

I flinched when Ezra's arms embraced my waist from behind. I squeezed my eyes close as fresh air together with the friction of our body electrified me. His touch felt good yet so wrong. I faced him so he could let go of my waist. 

"You think too highly of yourself, don't you?" It was more like a joke than a question.

"Myself deserves it." He chuckled before riding on his golf cart. "Hop in, lady."

I laughed as I shook my head before hopping in. I let him decide where to eat breakfast cause he seems much more familiar with this place than I was. I guess he was always here, maybe he lives here like he was one of the few who dared to escape the loud city. I didn't know much about Ecstasy Land. I was lazy when it comes to researching. All I know was this place was an escape; an island built by billionaires for people's deepest, darkest, and kinkiest fantasies. 

The island was made exclusively for billionaires and bachelors. It wasn't easy being a member unless you have connections. The membership is clearly confidential and what you do here is safe cause members are guarded by the rules; what happens here, stays here. Actually, the place looks like a small town with a built community of rich, high-class people. The definition of a perfect Island indeed. 

After breakfast, we went back to his cabin. He insisted to tour me around using a motor instead.

"Why can't we just use your golf cart?" I asked.

"It's more fun to use a motorcycle for road trips like this."

"We're just gonna roam around the island." I shrugged.

"Still." He handed me a helmet before he put one on his head.

"Who owns this?" I stared at the gray helmet.

"Not my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfriend if you wanted to confirm." He rode on his motorcycle as he started the engine.

I didn't utter a word. I just wore it before riding. I could still smell his perfume even with my helmet on.

"What the hell!" My body bumped into his back when he suddenly drove the motor. He stopped driving while laughing so hard. 

I slapped his firm back. "You, asshole!"

He glanced at me. "Just wrap your arms around my waist." 

"That's your way of taking advantage of me?" My voice sounded sarcastic.

"I don't think I need to take advantage. You already gave yourself, remember?"

My face heated. I felt like my ears were burning, maybe because of the helmet. I wasn't used to wearing a helmet since I don't usually ride on a motorcycle.

"Just shut up and start driving." 

I almost screamed again when he suddenly drove the motor without giving me a signal that he'd start. I bit my lower lip as I looked at the not so perfect cemented floor with some rocks and cracks. My arms on his waist tightened. I don't wanna die; I didn't wanna fall so I just hold onto him. 

We reached the island's street where houses, I mean mansions were everywhere. My lips parted in amusement. I didn't see this part of the island before. The first time I went here, I only stayed on the beach and at the hotel. My gaze was looking around, from left to right. Ezra was driving slowly so I could appreciate the suburban look of the street, only, the houses were definitely bigger here.

The fresh air bumping on my face was adding spice to my relaxed feelings as my eyes were travelling around. There were not many vehicles on the street but I could see some golf carts parked outside the houses. There were also cars and motorcycles. Ezra would greet every man we were bumping into that was also driving with a motor or golf cart. I would just smile awkwardly, anxious that someone who knows me and Clayton would see me here, hanging around with another man. 

"Seems like you're the one taking advantage of me, Snow."

My brows crossed. "Excuse me?"

"You don't have to hug me that tight but okay." 

My face heated as I loosened my arms around him. I cleared my throat while he was laughing really hard. I didn't notice that. It wasn't my intention to hug him so tight. 

"I was just scared to fall," I reasoned out.

"Don't be afraid. I'll catch you."

I shook my head until a smile formed on my lips. I couldn't stop myself from smiling, maybe because what he said was dumb and funny. My heart was racing against the motor like there was a competition between them. I took a deep breath, calming my weird chest.

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