Chapter 9

"W-what?" My heart thudded continuously like I was having a heart attack. I couldn't think right. My brain felt beating also.

"Fuck, Snow! You're cheating on me?!"

"I'm not!" I was out of breath as I shouted. My eyes burned on fire as I felt some of the waters forming on the side.

"Then go home!"

"I'm having a vacation with Quinn! What part of that is hard to understand, Clayton? I never interfere on your vacations. I never even bother you though I know you're sleeping with another woman!" My voice cracked as my chest crumpled.

We never really talked about his affairs. I didn't care much as I don't have feelings for him. My pride is shattered into pieces but other than that, I don't fucking care. Fuck whoever woman she wants, just don't bother me if I chose to have fun.

"So you really are cheating on me?"

"No!" My tears fell. I wiped my cheeks aggressively as I bit my lower lip so he wouldn't hear the cracks and sobs in my voice.

"Then why are you bringing my affairs into our c
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