Do Not Play With Archer
Do Not Play With Archer
Author: krosspilgrim


The clouds cover the blue sky and the sun is about to set. I hurried my feet to walk near the seashore as I deeply gazed at the ocean, mesmerizing every tip of the waves it creates whenever it dashes on the sands. It's getting late and the night is fast approaching. I wonder where I must go? I skipped my class considering that I almost got into a fight. Oh well, it's never my fault, and I just felt like giving myself space. Today's so tiring and having myself stare at the sky the entire night would make me calm down.

My older brother would certainly scold me the moment he finds out that I nearly get into a dispute at school. But as usual, he would be ignoring my presence once I got home. It's nothing new, he told me that he truly hates me. In fact, he wants me gone. I guess life's not really all about rainbows, there would be rains and storms too.


Someone called me from behind and so I hurriedly turned my back to see the owner of the voice. It's Anna, and as usual, her smiles were so wide. She was running towards my location with a paper bag in her grip.

"You're here, huh? How's your day anyway? I heard you had a good debate with Beatrice." Anna happily wrapped her arm around my shoulders and chuckled.

I shook my head and let go of a frown, "Where did you hear such stuff? It's not even supposed to be called a good debate, she nearly slapped me because she's way too triggered by what is truth." I answered her and she simply nodded without erasing those grins on her edges.

"I have my connections, you see. I got your point and I'll be zipping my mouth to that topic. Anyway, she's too close-minded so maybe that's also a reason why she started the argument." I shrugged off and proceeded to walk ahead of her, here she goes again, trying to keep quiet but ended up digging into it. I don't know why we encountered our way here. We are not attending the same school, yet here we are, being together.

"I don't wanna talk about it, Anna." She walks after me while her attention was fixed on her phone, she was scrolling through her phone screen probably doing her stuff again.

"Will you at least focus on the pathway? You'd surely regret it once you'll stumble along the road," I warned her and she just glanced at me and went back to what she's been browsing.

"I was kinda checking out my accounts, I'm planning to delete my other social media account, ya know!" I simply rolled my eyes at her and guided her as we pass through the lumps of sandy dirt.

We cross the bridge and finally, we're currently in the city. I am now planning to go home since I recently changed my mind and decided to have my early rest.

Tomorrow's another day to behold, so I guess I should be excited about it.

"Hey, Scek. Have you heard of the name Archer?" Anna suddenly questioned and my feet automatically paused from walking.

Archer? His name sounds familiar to me, though. "Who is that guy? Is he your boyfriend?" I asked and she giggled.

"I hope so! But naah, he's not my boyfriend," she replied and proceeded to talk. "You never saw him nor encountered him at the school I am attending? He's the president of our class." Anna pouted her lips and she brushes her hair using her fingertips.

"Do I seem to be observing every single student at your school?" I asked her and she gently push me.

"Okay, chill. Let me just mention him to you," she momentarily paused and smiled widely before speaking again. "He is the top 1 in our class and he's so good at painting, he excelled in both art and music class and I'm telling you, girl, he's so cool!"

"Okay? So what does it do with me?" I asked and raised my brows at her.

I simply rolled my eyes at her and gradually shook my head. She is overreacting again and it's too obvious that she has a crush on him. "What's his name again?" I asked her and she quickly responded.

"He's Archer Evans." Anna proudly said and she raised her brows at me. Silly girl.

"Well, I mentioned him to you since I observed that a lot of girls in our school likes him that much. Don't you like him too?" Her words made me burst into laughter. I barely walk straight because of the tickles I felt.

"Oh come on, Anna. What kind of question is that? You know I'm not fond of boys, they're scary," I simply answered and let go of a sheepish smile.

I inhaled before stretching my arms, "I'm actually planning to go home now, how about you? I can see that you have something else to do," I retorted and she shifted her eyes from me.

"Wait up! My brother actually told me to give this to you, he bought it earlier after we got off the school." She handed me the paper bag she was holding and I was hesitant to receive it. Still, I don't want to be rude so I accepted it.

What is this again? "Thanks for this, Anna."

She teasingly smiled at me and slightly pushed me away. "Don't mention it, I think he has a crush on you. He keeps on bugging me at home, asking for your phone number."

I smirked at her and had a quick peek inside the paper bag. "You know what to do, girl. Don't you ever give my contact number to anyone, got that?"

"You can trust me, Scekinah!"

We headed our way home and we walked down the street with just the two of us. I admit that there is still fear in me whenever I walk home, heading to the apartment where we stayed. I hate to think that there are bad guys who want to pester me around.

"Anna, I think we need to call your brother. We still have more steps to make until we reach home," I suggested and decided to pause for a moment. Anna understood my request and she took out her phone from her purse. I went near a huge tree and sat down on the root, I was waiting for her to contact her brother.

"Adam's not answering!" she whined and scowled her face. I chuckled upon seeing her reaction and I couldn't do anything but to stand up and approach her direction.

I held her hand and I walked ahead of her. "Let's go and continue to walk then, it's fun to have a night walk with you. Besides, we'll have enough time to talk about stuff."

It was a sudden idea yet I know that it'll get to overcome my fear when I have somebody to talk to. We were strolling around the city for minutes and finally, we both reach the way to our home. "See you tomorrow, Scek! May the Lord bless you and have a peaceful night!" Anna bid her goodbyes and I did the same.

We parted our ways. She went to the left street while I proceeded to walk toward the right alley. I took a glimpse of my wristwatch and the time is already 6 o'clock in the evening.

I sighed and continued to walk through the dark alley. "Oh great, my brother must have been waiting for me." I rolled my eyes while having the thought of him, well, it's a bit awkward for me to consider him as my brother, he never sees me as his sister though. We are staying in an old apartment which only suits the two of us, yet still, our parents already found a new place for us. They're abroad managing our businesses, and it's really hard to live without my Dad.

As I headed my way to our house, I smell a tasty dish. As usual, my older brother is preparing our dinner. He normally does the cooking every night because he always went home ahead of me, and I would be busy with my school work and other stuff that needs to be submitted for the upcoming deadline.

I tend to study really hard since I want to make my parents proud.

I entered our home and the first one who greeted my sight was the man whom I once loathed for. He was standing before the kitchen area and with an apron on, he stared at me. His gaze still frightens me, I walk near his direction and get the courage to greet him hello.

"I'm home, good evening." I muttered and I bitterly pass in his direction. Until now, I still do have this bitterness within my heart towards him. It's just that whenever I see his glares, it reminds me so much of past memories.

"Oh, I see that you're home. How's school? It seems that you're exhausted," I heard him speak from behind. I went my way to the kitchen and I had a glass of water.

Before I could answer him, I awkwardly stares at the glass of water in my grip, "Well yes, Beatrice is being annoying again. She keeps on butting in and it somewhat irritates me, really." He walks near me and leaned his back on the wall. He responds with a simple nod and I shrugged off.

"You sure is calmed down. Go and change your clothes, we'll eat your favorite fried chicken." He sarcastically replied and I smiled at him and went upstairs. I locked the door of my room and changed my outfit, I basically took my pajamas on, washed my face, and tied my hair in a bun.

Minutes passed, and I heard him call. "Scekinah, come down here for a minute." I hurried my way down and went with him to the kitchen.

I gulped right after seeing my favorite dish placed on the table. I waited for my brother to speak, I really can't wait to taste our dinner. He was scrolling down his phone screen and he seem to be watching a short video. "What's this?" He asked and faced the phone screen in my direction.

My mouth gaped open when I saw myself on the video which happened earlier. We were in the middle of a debate and I was almost slapped by my classmate. Who filmed that? This can't be. Now I'm deeply troubled.

"I can explain,"

He signaled me to come any closer, "Go on, that's what you're good at." His voice was filled with sarcasm and I just lowered my head, avoiding his glare.

"I bet Mom's gonna scold you again because you almost got into trouble, you're having too much courage to preach and defend your belief." I bit my lower lip as I was stopping myself to cry, it was not like that. Beatrice asked me too many questions and whenever I answered her, she throws another question again and she eventually turned it into a debate.

"Come on, don't you wanna tell me what exactly happened?" I felt his hand tapping my shoulder, and I wanted to cry.

Why am I being so soft?

"I'll explain, okay?" I'm doing my best to not cry in front of him, I'm not letting anyone see me crying. I breathed heavily before I could proceed to speak, "You know it's not good to badmouth one's beliefs, and in my case, Beatrice throws sarcastic questions at me and tried to embarrass me in class. I just answered her questions confidently, I didn't mean to do any harm or trouble. In fact, she was the one who almost hurt me." I was trying to explain myself while I remain to lower my head.

"Defending yourself huh?"

I no longer answered him. Instead, I silently prayed and began to eat. I heard him talk about tomorrow's plan and I simply nodded in agreement. "We'll be moving tomorrow, wake up early and prepare your stuff, get it?"

After I wash the dishes, I went upstairs to my room and jumps off my bed. I momentarily close my eyes and let myself feel at ease.

I took my Bible which I placed beside my pillow and gently flipped the pages, leading myself to the book of proverbs.

'Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.'

"I should've kept quiet, it was a bad idea for letting myself be driven by her questions," I mumbled and proceeded to browse the pages.

I sigh as I leaned my back on my headboard, "Tomorrow's another day, I pray that it will be victorious. Oh well, Jesus will go before me, He will never forsake me."

I smiled at the thought and I placed back the book beside my pillow. I got up and kneel on the floor, closing my eyes and praying to God. "O most holy, gracious, love some heavenly Father. In the name of Your son Jesus and by the power of Your Holy Spirit. I thank you so much for keeping me safe today, I pray that this very night, it shall be well with us. As we sleep, may Your wings cover us, and may Your hands protect us. Show me more revelations in my dreams, Jesus. All the honor, praises, and adoration belong to Your name alone. In Jesus' name, I pray, amen."

I somewhat feel at ease, I began to close my eyes and felt the fluffiness of my pillows.

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