I didn't do anything else all day except what I was used to, I forgot to start my prayer this morning so I was late to do it. I also journaled on my Bible as I was seeking for a certain verse that I can memorize for the day. Until now, I'm still puzzled as to what I must do inorder for me to send my apologies. The thought really disturbs me, I shouldn't have screamed at his face.

But the thought that he suddenly grabbed me brought so much memory of the past. Most of them are the bad ones, how I hate to recall those disgusting moments I once had when I was a kid.

"What else can be done today?" I whispered and gently lay down on my bed. I'm almost done with my journal and I am also planning to have a little time in sketching.

I got up again and walks near the window, I gently tucked the curtains and had a peek outside. It was afternoon and the subdivision was very quiet, there weren't too many people and I was really wondering where Anna was now.

"How I miss school, I should study f
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