121 Stubborn But Deep


We watched the helicopter lift into the air and leave. Kimberly had tears in her eyes, but I wasn't going to shed a tear. I knew they would be returning home, I was going to make sure of it. The moment the Helicopter was out of sight, we went back into the building.

"So what will we do now? " Stacy asked me, and I looked at her. I wasn't still comfortable discussing things in front of Tasha. It wasn't that I did not trust her, but I did not want to say anything that would make her panic.

"We will protect the city as instructed," I told Stacy and then linked her.

"Let Kimberly and Tasha go home, and then we can discuss our next line of action. Meanwhile, call our women to gather at the second base arsenal. There are weapons for all of us there, and I have a plan." I said, and she looked at Kimberly and Tasha.

"You two should run along. We will be at the headquarters. Make sure you go to the bunker the moment you get home. Bart and Norman know the drill. All of you, along with
Karima Sa'ad Usman

Hello, lovely readers. I went to a function today, so I could not edit two chapters. Be assured I will upload the second chapter in the morning. I did not want to leave you without anything to read tonight, so I uploaded this chapter. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you all for your support and understanding. I read and liked all your comments. You all have kept the fire alive. Thank you for supporting this book.!!

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I'm excited for the ladies I hope they get to kick some azz
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Luke isn’t going to be happy with Tia she get punished after the war is over
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La Toya
I can’t wait to read about what will have in Neev! Thank you for such an amazing read this far!

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